Ghanaian herbs for fertility to boost ovulation and regulate menstruation.

For those trying to conceive

1..You can buy Fertipill for her and For your husband.

2..Tey using Avocado Seed

Grate and boil it drink it during your periods

3..Drink Guava Leaves tea

Boil the guava leaves and drink. Guava leaves is also drank during periods to help relieve menstrual cramps and boost ovulation

4…Try Banana Recipe

2 bananas
1 table spoon Bircabonate of soda
2 eggs
I glass of Milk

Drink it immediately after your periods on empty stomach in the morning

4. Take Folic acid + Vitamin C & E

You take one daily after your meals

5…Drink Cinnamon and milk

Warm milk and cinnamon you can have it anytime

6….Try this sure Combo to boost your ovulation and conception rate


Bring them to boil let it cool and drink

It is also taken after periods to detox the womb

7 …Apple cider vinegar + Black molasses

Warm water
1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon of black molasses

On empty stomach in the morning

8….Aloe Vera to the rescue

Bring it to boil let it cool and drink it

9…Try Papaya seed

Cut off the papaya have the seeds anytime

…they are good for both men and woman fertility

10…Clomid you can only use them if they are recommended by your doctor…you take it without a doctor’s supervision and prescription.

11. Take Okra water ….soak okra in water and after three days…take a cup of it morning and even before or after your ovulation….okra water is rich in folate and actually helps to boost ovulation and fertility….some persons believe okra water increases a woman’s chances of having twins.

Ghanaian herbs fertility
Ghanaian herbs fertility

12. Reduce your weight and cut down your body mass index….being overweight or obese is a big risk factor for infertility.

13. You and your husband should go for routine tests…your husband should go for seminal fluid analysis, serum testosterone profile and scrotal scan…you, the woman should do the following tests: abdominopelvic scan, hormonal profile, thyroid function test, hysterosalpingogram (HSG), kidney function test, and possibly breast examination by a doctor.

14. You and your husband should do timed intercourse….that means have sex with your husband during your ovulation period. This increases your chances of getting pregnant

15…According to the World Health Organisation, a couple trying to conceive should have unprotected and ejaculatory sex at least three times a week….it increases your chances of getting pregnant.

16. Cinnamon and milk is also a fertility booster.

17. Try cabbage juice and honey

You Will Choose the one You Prefer on the above list….use the recipe your body system tolerates.

When Trying to conceive both you and your partner should be assessed because the problem of you not conceiving might be him not you…so its wise for both of you to know your fertility records….infertility is not a female problem alone…

Try to Avoid Stress or any use of drug substances

No smoking or taking of alcohol

You cannot do it alone, you and your husband should see a doctor preferably a gynaecologist to guide you.

Download Ovulation calculation app to track down your fertile days

Good luck aspiring mothers …

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