Does Astymin syrup cause weight gain? Does Astyfer syrup cause weight gain?

Astymin syrup and Astyfer syrup are a complete family health tonic for all age groups. They are a body building tonic for children, youth and elderly which stimulates appetite, improves digestion, assimilation and excretion.

Astyfer and astymin syrup are:

Wholesome nutrition and Growth promoter.

Perfect tonic for nerves and Kidneys.

Stress reliever,

Correcters of Anaemia.

For healthy ageing.

For weight gain (either Astyfer syrup or Astymin syrup will make you become fat)

Mode of action of Astyfer syrup and Astymin syrup.

Astyfer and Astymin favorably influences nutrition, evidenced in “boosting up” the appetite and digestion resulting in greatly improved mental and physical vigor, with gain in weight. Both Astymin and Astyfer makes you eat more often… The more you eat the more your chances of getting fat.

Does Astymin syrup or Astyfer Syrup cause weight gain?

The answer is capital YES. Astymin and Astyfer contains essential amino acids which helps the human body build up muscles and fat… Astymin and Astyfer are medically recommended for skinny persons and emaciated patients recovering from a protracted illness so as to enable them gain some weight.

Does Astymin syrup cause weight gain?
Does Astymin syrup cause weight gain? Yes

In clinical practice, doctors knowing that Astymin or Astyfer contains almost all the essential nutrients called amino acids needed for growth and development, they prescribe either of them for severely wasted patients to gain weight… Trust me, it works. Intravenous Astymin is given to patients with severe protein energy malnutrition such as kwashiokor and marasmus. After taking the Astymin for a week, the patients are almost always found to have their protein stores replenished and they are noticed to start becoming fat.

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Astymin and Astyfer syrups are even used by ladies to get big buttocks and hips…they are able to achieve this howbeit temporarily because Astymin actually promote weight gain.

CAVEAT: the fact that Astymin syrup and Astyfer syrup promotes weight gain in children, adults and even pregnant women is not enough reason for you to abuse them. Astymin and Astyfer are recommended for weight gain only for severely lean patients and persons who lost so much weight following an illness.

Summary: Astymin syrup or Astymin syrup can cause weight gain and this benefits has been employed by doctors to treat patients with protein energy malnutrition, weight loss, persons recovering from major illness, burns and surgeries…

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