Is Astymin Syrup good for pregnancy? Is Astyfer good for pregnant women?

Astymin syrup is good for pregnant woman and at the same time… Is not good for pregnant women if used for prolonged periods.

What does this statement actually mean …

Since the iron demand of pregnant women is super high and Astymin syrup cannot provide that… You know why? It is simple… Astymin does not contain some Essential vitamins and minerals like iron.

Here are the ingredients that make up Astymin: biotin, cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12), calcium pathothenate, folic acid, niacinamide, riboflavin, pyridoxine, tyrothricin, thiamine, vitamin A, C, D3 and E.

You can see for yourself that Astymin does not contain iron…. I am stressing on this iron… Perhaps it is pertinent I tell you the importance of iron in pregnancy…

Is Astymin Syrup good for pregnancy?
Astymin and Pregnancy

Taking iron helps your body produce more blood. That’s a big deal for pregnant women, because your total blood volume will double over the course of your pregnancy!

The average pregnant woman needs about 30mg of elemental iron per day to meet the new demands of extra blood volume, the developing placenta, and growing fetus. Most combination prenatal or antenatal vitamins contain this much iron, which is nearly double the amount a nonpregnant woman requires. However, you might need more than 30mg a day if you:

👉Have low iron (iron-deficiency anemia) at the start of your pregnancy
👉Are carrying twins or triplets
👉Took iron sporadically in early pregnancy
👉Started taking iron late in pregnancy

Approximately half of your iron intake will go toward the developing fetus and placenta. The other half will be used to increase the amount of blood in your circulatory system, which will help protect you during childbirth. In a typical vaginal delivery, you’ll lose approximately a pint (500mL) of blood; for a cesarean section, it’s closer to two pints (1,000mL). Having low blood volume can lead to complications during delivery and the postpartum period.

You now see the reason Astymin syrup is not a perfect pregnancy supplement….it simply cannot meet your iron needs! It is not that Astymin will harm your baby or negatively affect your pregnancy, it is not just the ideal supplement in pregnant women. Yes, it contains essential vitamins like folic acid and vitamin B12, it does not contain iron…. Bearing in mind the critical role it play in pregnancy (blood production). On the other hand, Astyfer (a rival blood tonic) is good and ideal for pregnancy because it contains iron and other vitamins.


Astymin is NOT a BLOOD TONIC because it does not contain iron, so, it is not recommended for pregnant women who needs good supply of iron…Astyfer is however good for pregnant women…

You need high iron stores in pregnancy that Astymin cannot provide.

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