OPINION:Nigerian Doctors Are Very Ungrateful and Unpatriotic – Jack Obinyan

🤜Jack Obinyan thinks this ongoing Nigerian doctors strike and the incessant call to strike by doctors shows that Nigerian doctors are Ungrateful and unpatriotic

🤜Says Nigerian doctors early migration after graduation negates the huge Federal Government funding of medical education

🤜Jack Obinyan advocates that doctors should stay and practice in Nigeria for at least 10 years before migration to USA, UK and Saudi Arabia

🤜Mr Obinyan advocates for the possible removal of subsidy on medical education and medical training

Jack Obinyan on Nigerian Doctors
Jack Obinyan on Nigerian Doctors Strike

Nigeria will spend a fortune to train you to become a Doctor, something you will use a lifetime loan to acquire in Countries like the U.S, then the next thing you japa because there are certain conditions that aren’t met.

Meanwhile a whole lot (if not all) of you are earning via private consultancy and on the parallel earning from Government, something that is virtually impossible in the abroad.

Buhari is too kind, if na me, you will serve Nigeria for at least 10years before you can leave. A Country inundated with “eating cakes and having it…” Mtcheeew!

That public primary school you attended for free, public secondary school you attended for free and public tertiary school you attended for peanuts (compared to Countries like the U.S) cost Nigeria A FORTUNE to develop, maintain and sustain in terms of infrastructure and human resources…That is precisely what I meant by Nigeria spent a fortune to educate you, many knew what I was driving at, but it is very typical of a Nigerian you criticize to hyperact the Ostrich AND curse you out.

SO…you that I am NOT referring to…since Nigeria didn’t spend a dime to train you, feel free to japa, I don’t give a hoot, I can’t be bothered, it is your life, do with it what you wish, e nor concern me.

For those who Nigeria invested heavily in to become a highly qualified professional such as a Medical Doctor, you owe the Country PATRIOTISM at the very least. This exodus frenzy to “ready-made” societies is laughable and here is why; It is their citizens that stayed back and took sacrifices for decades and centuries to fix their mess…

…You stay in yours and fix your mess too, agitate for change, no one else is going to do it for you/us, the fix will not fall from heaven. For starters, you don’t participate in elections, you don’t even have voters card, you leave your future to be decided by agberos, school drop outs, touts, area boys, and all sorts.

Secondly…What is your contribution to Tetfund, how much taxes are you paying? How much are you contributing to NHIS? All of the huge financial resources Government is using to develop, maintian and sustain the institutions that made you a Doctor is coming from somewhere and not from the skies, likewise the maintenance of the work environment.

A lot of your complains are genuine, very genuine, but genuine sacrifice and agitation for change is a million times better than the FRAUDULENT abandon of a society that made you WHO you are today.

Sorry, don’t be mad at me, but I REPEAT, if I am President Buhari, we will all remain here and fix the mess in your sector together, If you want to Japa, feel free to do so after at least 10 years of giving to a society what a society gave to you…It’s just that SIMPLE.

Jack Obinyan is an aide to Governor Godwin Obaseki and a staunch supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari


  1. It’s simple, send your children to the primary and secondary schools free and then the cheap university to study medicine so that when they graduate they can treat and care for you and your family.


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