Tampons Vs Pads: Tampons and pads which is better?


This post is actually for the ladies but since no knowledge is a waste,men too can benefit from it.

So, someone sent me a message asking to know if using tampons is preferable to using sanitary pads.

According to her,a friend of hers recommended tampons to her but she still wanted to find out if tampons have any special benefits over sanitary pads.

Almost everybody knows what a sanitary pad is and what it is used for.

Tampons and pads which is better?
Is sanitary pads better than tampons?

Some men even buy it for their partners. However, only few people know what a tampon is.
A tampon is a feminine hygienic material (often made of cotton wool or gauze) which is usually inserted into the vagina to absorb menstrual flow during menstruation.

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Both the sanitary pad and tampon are used for the same purpose (absorbing of blood from the vaginal during menses).

But while the sanitary pad is usually placed externally over the vagina, tampons are inserted inside the vagina.

When properly inserted inside the vagina, tampons begin to expand in size as they absorb menstrual blood.

Now,since tampons and sanitary pads perform the same function, which should I use?

Which is better?

The truth is that both tampons and sanitary pads have their advantages and disadvantages.
So,it is left for you to weigh the pros and cons of each and then make your choice.

Sanitary pads are easier to wear and remove unlike tampons which could be stressful and painful to insert and remove from the vagina.
Tampons give you more confidence and freedom of movement when using them. You can even use them when running , swimming or riding a horse without fear of menstrual blood staining your pants or dress.

But the same cannot be said about sanitary pads. You cannot wear a sanitary pad to swim , run or engage in a very vigorous physical activity.

You are always self conscious when wearing sanitary pads for fear that they might shift from their position and your dress might get stained with menstrual blood.

Again,it is easier to change sanitary pads than to change tampons.

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Some ladies might even forget to change their tampons since they are usually hidden inside the vagina.

But there’s no way a lady would ever forget to change her sanitary pads when soaked.
Tampons when not frequently changed or when forgotten inside the vagina can cause a life threatening condition called toxic shock syndrome.

But with the use of sanitary pads, this toxic shock syndrome never occurs.

However, not changing your blood soaked sanitary pads or underwears when necessary during menses can still put you at risk of developing a urinary tract problem or vaginal infections.

In addition to that, sanitary pads are commonly and readily available in stores unlike tampons.
Also,tampons come in different sizes and it maybe difficult to find the perfect size for your vagina and sometimes, they get soaked easily depending on the material they are made of.

Finally, the use of tampons can cause the hymen to tear in women who are virgins,on the other hand,a woman who is a virgin can use sanitary pads and still have her hymen intact.
Please note this,that your hymen got torn through the use of tampons does not mean that you are no longer a virgin.

You can only lose your virginity through sex.
Now, back to the question.

Is it better to use sanitary pads or tampons?
Once again, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of using each of them and then choose the one you think you will be more comfortable with.

PS: in case you have never seen a sanitary pad or tampons before, check the comment section to see what they look like.

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