How to get rid of pot belly without exercise..How to reduce pot to get rid of pot belly naturally without exercise or surgery.


Every human being has 2 types of fats in their abdomen namely:subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.

While subcutaneous fat is located just under the skin, visceral fat is found around internal organs such as liver, stomach etc where it provides cushion to these organs.

But whenever there is excessive accumulation of visceral fat in the abdomen as a result of the imbalance between the consumption of calories and it’s expenditure, pot belly arises.

How to get rid of pot belly without exercise.
How to get rid of pot belly without exercise.

It not only affects your physical looks but also predisposes you to heart diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes mellitus etc.

I know no man wants to go around town looking like a 9 months pregnant woman but hey, there is no need to worry, almost every ailment has a cure or a way of managing it these days and pot belly is not an exception.

How to get rid of pot belly without exercise

The following are 7 easy ways to get rid of pot belly :


In order to get rid of pot bellies, you have to first of all make sure that your self esteem is in a healthy state.

Build your self esteem and self confidence. Never let anybody look down on you or body shame you because you have a pot belly.
Never allow a protruding stomach make you see yourself in a negative light, it is nothing to be ashamed of.

Without self confidence, you can not achieve anything including losing a pot belly. So be comfortable in your skin.

Don’t let looking appealing to people be the motivation behind your efforts to get rid of pot belly, rather do it because of the health benefits.


In the journey of curbing beer belly, exercise is a must. It has no replacement or substitute.
You must be ready to always work out and become more physically active.

Exercise not only keeps your body fit but also helps burn the accumulated visceral fats faster.

You can decide to trek instead of driving, walk the staircase instead of using the lift, go jogging or work out in the gym.

Whichever way, make physical exercise part of your daily routine.


Alcohol provides huge amount of calories which are converted and stored as visceral fats in the body.

It not only predisposes you to having a pot belly but also destroys your liver.

Abstaining from alcohol maybe a difficult thing for some people especially those who can not go a day without having a bottle or two.

But just bear it in mind that there is no way you will continue binge drinking and expect your pot belly to vanish.

Cut down on your alcohol intake if you can’t avoid it totally.


Many people not only react to stressful conditions differently but also have diverse ways of coping with it.

Some of these stress coping techniques could be healthy or unhealthy.

For instance, while some people find solace in bottles of beer whenever they encounter stressful situations, others tend to over eat as a way of coping.

Whenever we go through stress, the stress hormone cortisol which promotes fat storage in the abdomen is released hence pot belly.
So, it is important you develop a healthy way of managing stress.

Instead of taking to alcohol, trying getting a good sleep, relax, listen to music, watch movies etc.

This will go a long way to help in your belly fat reduction.

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Sometimes I wonder who told some people that after eating, they must use soft drinks to wash the food down.

See, as ordinary as water is, it has a lot of benefits.

Taking copious amount of water not only keeps you hydrated, it also cleanses your body system and gives you a feeling of satiety.

Instead of always gulping bottles of soft drinks which are known to contain large amount of sugar, why not try taking water which enhances proper food digestion thus preventing abdominal obesity?

An adult is expected to take between 3-4litres of water every day for proper functioning of the body system.


The importance of eating right in a bid to shed belly fat cannot be ignored.

High consumption of junk provide high calories hence it is very necessary you mind what you eat lest you kill yourself with your 🍴 knife and fork.

Though the majority of our food is Carbohydrates based but we can still control it.

Instead of eating heavy foods like Akpu or pounded yam at night when the metabolic rate of the body is slow, why not have it as breakfast?

Heavy foods should always be taken for breakfast and light meals for dinner.

Again, the way you prepare your food also matters. Sometimes find other ways of preparing your meal.

Instead of always frying, you can try roasting, boiling, steaming etc.

In addition, high intake of fibres such as vegetables and fruits like watermelon have been found to be helpful in shedding of belly fats as they always make you feel full and eat less.


I know there are uncountable magic pills💊 in the market today which promise to take your pot belly away overnight, but I need you to understand that nothing good comes easy in this life.

Having a flat tummy takes a lot of time, patience, effort and determination to achieve.

PThe pot belly took a lot of time to develop so it will still take a lot of time to go down,maybe 6 months or 9 months depending on individual differences and other factors.

So be patient with yourself, getting rid of pot belly is a process, don’t expect it to disappear over night.

I hope you find this helpful.

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