Why is my husband sperm watery? Watery Sperm Causes…

I have received a lot of questions concerning watery sperm. Some of the questions are: “Why is my husband sperm watery?” “why is my sperm watery?” “What causes watery sperm?”

Many guys at some point in their lives have been anxious to know the reason behind the change in the consistency of their “sperm” and if there are any fertility problems attached to it.

Maybe they just finished having sex or masturbating and then discovered that their “sperm” was no longer as thick as it used to be.

It may even be that you yourself reading this post is also on this table.

Well, whatever be the case, I intend to allay your anxiety by demystifying everything, I mean everything you need to know about watery “sperm”.

So, don’t stop reading.

To begin with, it is a wrong question to ask why your “sperm” is watery.
This is because what you call sperm is not sperm. There is a difference between sperm and semen.

Sperm is the male sex cell that fertilizes the eggs of the females to form a baby.
Semen, on the other hand, is the whitish fluid released from your penis at orgasm during sex. It is the semen that carries the sperm.
While you can see the semen with your naked eyes and even touch it, you can only see the sperm with the help of a microscope.
Hope you understand?.Ehen!

So instead of asking “why is my sperm watery?” Your question should be “why do I produce watery semen” or “why is my semen watery”?
Shebi you get?

We are good to go,abi?

Oya, let’s proceed to the reasons why your husband’s semen has become as watery as Ora soup instead of being as thick as aqua Rapha yoghurt.


Your watery semen if persistent, could be as a result of low sperm count.

Sperm count is the concentration or number of sperm in a man’s ejaculate.

It is one of the parameters used to measure fertility in males.

An over 15million sperm per ml of ejaculate is considered as normal.

Why is my husband sperm watery?
Why is my husband sperm watery? See the causes of watery sperm.

For instance, assuming you ejaculated about 1ml of semen during sex and the quantity of sperm in that 1ml is not up to 15million, then you have low sperm count.

Having a low sperm count doesn’t necessarily mean that a man is infertile, no!
It is just that he will have difficulty impregnating a woman. It reduces the odds of his sperm fertilizing an ovum.

Low sperm count could make your semen watery and could be caused by excessive alcohol intake, sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea, smoking/use of tobacco, hormonal disorders amongst other things.

Instead of patronizing Doctor Agnes Nwa Nma or Baba Aisha, any man who has watery semen and experiences difficulty achieving conception at the same time should visit a good hospital for semen analysis and proper treatment.

If the low sperm count is as a result of an STI, it will be treated with antibiotics and if it is due to hormonal disorders, he will receive hormone therapy.

Hope you got the gist?

I just ended up killing 2 birds with one stone: I mean talking about watery semen and low sperm count at the same time.

Oya, let’s continue!


Hmmmmm…. some people’s blokos have suffered in this life.

No rest for blokos!

Chai! Izu Ike adighi na -elu uwa!

There is no rest in this world even for blokos!
There are men who have sex in the morning, afternoon and night 7 times per week, some will even use the profile pictures of their Facebook crush to masturbate anyhow they like multiple times a day.

After all these, they are still worried that their semen is watery.

Why won’t it be watery when you have refused to allow your blokos to rest?

Bros See eh? The truth is this; if a man masturbates multiple times a day or has sex frequently, the consistency of his semen including its quantity is bound to change.

For instance, if you ejaculated about 4mls of thick semen during the first round of sex or masturbation, in subsequent rounds, your semen may become watery and the volume might also reduce to between 1-2mls.

This doesn’t mean that you are infertile or something, all you need to do is to drink lots of water and abstain from sex and masturbation for a few days so that your body can have time to build up more sperms.

Just allow your blokos to get some rest.
When blokos have rested, the consistency of your semen will return to normal again.


Another reason you could have watery semen is that you don’t have enough zinc.
No, no, no I don’t mean the kind of zinc you used to roof your house.

Zinc is a minor nutrient that supports body functions such as DNA production, fighting off infections, wound healing and reproduction.
It helps in the production of healthy sperms and in boosting testosterone (male sex hormones) levels.

When a man has zinc deficiency, he is likely going to have watery sperm.

Zinc could be gotten from zinc-rich foods such as pumpkin leaf(ugu), oyster, shellfish, beans, beef and zinc tablets like zinc sulfate.

Men who are alcoholics and those with kidney diseases tend to have a zinc deficiency.

Do you now see one of the reasons we will always advise you to cut down on your alcohol intake?

Alcohol is not good for your reproductive health.

And just to add, protein-rich foods also increases the thickness of semen.


Ordinarily, it takes an ideal temperature less than the body’s normal temperature for sperm production to occur.

I mean that’s why the testes are situated where they are so that they can regulate their own temperature.

High temperature affects the production of healthy sperms.

This is why wearing tight boxers every time or any underwear that hugs your testes to your body is not recommended.

I am not saying you should stop packing your John Thomas o, no, no, no! far from that!
All I am saying is that you should always let John Thomas get some fresh air most of the time.

When you are at home, just allow it to breathe.
Generally speaking, whether your semen is thick or not, it doesn’t affect your fertility and so you should not be worried especially if it’s due to frequent sex or masturbation.

But you may have difficulty impregnating a woman if the cause of your watery semen is low sperm count.

Just get the gist right!

So with this knowledge now, Doctor Agnes Nwa Nma and his likes won’t be able to exploit you anymore leveraging on your ignorance.

For the sake of first-timers in the house, blokos and John Thomas are slangs for Penis.

Why is my husband sperm watery? You now know the reasons for this.


©Amb Kings is a practicing nurse in Nigeria…He is passionate about sexual and reproductive health.


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