Home remedies to tighten your virginia + what cream can i use to tighten my vigina..

Honestly, everybody cannot be preaching love. I’m not a preacher of love today.

As a matter of fact ,I may end up scattering people’s businesses.

It’s crazy how some women put themselves in harm’s way in a bid to improve their sexual lives.

No,doubts, there are hundreds of products out there being marketed to women with lies of tightening their vigina, eliminating vaginal dryness and making their kpeke sweet and irresistible but in the real sense,the marketers of such products are only cashing out on the ignorance of these women.

How can a sensible woman use toothpaste and alum water to wash her virgina all in the name of tightening it?

Of all things, toothpaste and alum?
In a sensitive place such as vigina? People should learn how to be wise o!

You see such products flying up and down with fanciful and luring names such as virgina tightener, sweetner, vigina honey drop, sex attraction serum, virgina attraction oil and many more. I guess these names are one of the reasons why women rush after these products.

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The first time I heard of virgina sweetener,I was like “which one is sweetener again? Is it that WHO/NAFDAC approved a new medical product that makes the kpeke sweet or something and I didn’t know?”

Out of curiosity,I made a little research just to find out that the sweetener was a mixture of some substances which presumably cures virgina dryness and when applied, it makes it slimy, slippery,creamy and juicy for good megbesuegbe.

Home remedies to tighten your virginia
Home remedies to tighten your virginia

According to one of the videos I came across,if a woman uses the vigina sweetner before having meeting with a man,the man will not be able to resist her subsequently as he would keep on returning to her for more because the kpeke is now “sweetening him”.
What a hoax!

If I told you how heavily women pay for these products, you wouldn’t believe it. If I told you that cloves ,honey, sugar cane,peakmilk, ginger,water melon etc are some of the things used in preparing this sweeteners, you wouldn’t believe it…yet,a mixture of these is what your girlfriends,wives and side chicks apply in their virgina.

A drop in oestrogen level and inadequate foreplay are some of the causes of vaginal dryness.

I mean,if you’re experiencing vaginal dryness especially during intercourse,why not seek medical attention? Why not engage in more foreplay or better still,use lubricants? At least ky gel and lubrica don’t cost much!

Why risk your vaginal health with stuffs whose safety and efficacy you know nothing of?

Is it that women don’t know that these substances can alter the pH of the vagina,cause vaginal infections and even lead to infertility if the uterus and fallopian tubes are affected?
After everything, you guys will be looking for pastorpreneurs to mix prayers for you and to lay hands and legs on you.

The funny thing about this vaginal tightening stuff is that the man you are tightening the thing for for is busy out there looking for where to buy enlargement cream/pills.

So after tightening the virginia, uncle will still scatter it with his enlarged blokos.

So,who is fooling who?

In summary, there’s nothing wrong with trying to spice up ones sex life but always make healthy choices.

If you want your vigina to be as tight as that of a teenager’s,then save up and go for vaginoplasty/vaginal rejuvenation surgeries.

If you can’t afford the surgery,then engage in natural methods such as kegel exercise, squatting etc as they slowly but certainly strengthen the pelvic floor muscles/vaginal muscles.

Dear woman, you have only one vagina, love it, protect it, take care of it and stop abusing it!

Amb King



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