Urine Therapy: Drinking urine is good or bad? What happens if you drink pee? Drinking wifes urine is good for health? What are the effects of drinking someone else’s urine? What happens if you accidentally drink pee? Is it good to drink female urine?

The anawers to these questions are ably provided by this article written by Amb Kings below:


There is nothing weird that I have not seen within these few years of practice as a Registered Nurse.

So,I resumed work the other day in my former place of work just to meet a 22 years old boy who was lying on the couch writhing in pain.
The Nurses on night shift were already attending to him when I arrived.

From history taking,he was said to have been stung by a scorpion on the right leg that early morning.

And as a first aid treatment,at home,he was given onions to Chew and his urine to drink in order to relieve the pain but to no avail… So he was brought to the hospital for medical attention.

Drinking urine is good or bad?
Drinking urine is good or bad?

When I heard this I marvelled,I was like “do you really mean this guy drank his urine”?
Who does that?

Well,he responded to treatment,got better and was allowed to go home.

Few hours later that same day,a woman rushed her 5 months old baby to the emergency room with complaints of fever which started about 2 days ago followed by 2 episodes of convulsions.
From history taking, she said she gave her baby her urine (mother’s urine) to drink and then rubbed palm kernel oil on her as advised by her neighbor.. but lo and behold,the fever and convulsion never stopped.

Everybody in the emergency room was very mad to hear that. That’s very crude of her, you know?
Well, she was health educated on the consequences of her action and on what to do when next her baby has fever or convulsion.
The baby was given adequate medical attention.

About 3 days later, one of my colleagues in the middle of a discussion told me how another woman put drops of urine inside her child’s eyes in an attempt to cure him of conjunctivitis.

“The thing just weak me as I heard the gist”
I mean how could she be so ignorant to have done that?

What if she ended up causing more damage to her child’s eyes?

Ignorance is really harmful!

So, yesterday, someone chatted me up asking if it is true that drinking ones early morning urine is medicinal, after health educating her,I felt the need to make this post in order to enlighten the public on this issue.

There has been rumours that drinking urine strengthens immune system, makes you look younger than your age,cures eyesight defects,reduces blood pressure, makes your skin to glow,cures you of pimple, skin rashes and increases your libido.

But these are all lies! It is what it is!
There is no scientific research or evidence to support those claims!
Just so you know, urine is a waste product produced by the kidneys.

It is made up of about 91-96 percent water and other waste products such as salt, ammonia, urea, creatinine, bilirubin, phosphate and other toxins which the body system has rejected.

Consuming your urine or another person’s urine is not medicinal or beneficial in any way. It doesn’t cure anything! Don’t let people deceive you!

Just so you know again, your body system houses different colonies of healthy bacteria called normal Flora.

These bacteria cause no harm unless they grow out of control or if the pH of their environment is upset.

For instance the normal bacteria in the vaginal will not cause any harm in the vaginal under normal circumstances but can cause health issues when they are introduced in other parts of the body such as the eye.

Whenever urine passes through the urinary tract,it gets contaminated with these bacteria.
So, whenever you drink your urine you run the risk of re-introducing these bacteria into your body system which can cause digestive tract infections or any other infection.

Just imagine someone who suffers from urinary tract infections or sexually transmitted diseases( such as gonorrhea) drinking his or her urine every morning because s/he was told that early morning urine is medicinal.

Just sit down and imagine the kind of harm,he or she would be doing to himself/herself.
Again,it is the function of the kidneys to produce urine before sending it to your bladder for storage and excretion.

These waste products are highly concentrated and can cause harm in the body when not excreted through urine.

Drinking your urine would mean re-introducing these waste products into the body system thus causing unnecessary strain to the kidneys as they have to filter those waste products again.
Furthermore, medications and illicit drugs such as cocaine can be excreted through urine.

This is why the urine sample is used to run a test to determine if someone has been taking Illegal drugs or not.

Imagine yourself drinking the urine of a cocaine addict.

Do you think such foreign substance/Drug would not cause any harm when it enters your blood stream?

On a final note, there is never any good reason to drink ones or anybody’s urine.

It doesn’t matter if it is early morning, afternoon or night urine.

Drinking urine is not safe!

It doesn’t cure anything!

The author of article, Amb King, is a Registered Nurse practicing in Abuja, Nigeria and he first shared this article on Facebook.


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