Pink lips cream side effects + Pink lips balm side effects.

It is the desire of many to have soft pink or red and attractive lips…. Different ways have been suggested to help make the lips pink. Pink pinks are truly attractive I must confess, but have you also can’t considered the side effects and dangers of bleaching the lips with cream or vaseline balm to make them pink.

To get pink lips naturally, different methods like exfoliation, massaging, bleaching have been used on the dark lips to make them red or pink. These are not without side effects…. hence the purpose of this article.

Pink lips cream side effects + Pink lips balm side effects

1. Dry lips and cracked lips

Trying to turn your lips pink can make them dry, cracked and chaffed. Bleaching or massaging the lips can distort the anatomy and texture of the lips making them look or feel dry,cracked and chaffed.

2. Pains on the lips

Making the lips red or pink can make them cracked with ulcers. Mouth ulcers or cracks on the lips can be terribly painful and discomforting.

3. Lip infection

Creams or balms meant to make the lips turn pink can wear off the protective lining of the lips exposing the lips to bacteria infection and its attendant complications.

4. Lip cancer

Creams and balms especially the harsh ones may distort the genetic makeup of your lips triggering them to grow unregulated… This is the primary mechanism for cancer. Exfoliation and bleaching of the lips so as to make them turn pink can actually cause lips cancer.

5. Stretch marks

Using lip balm and lip creams on the lips for the purpose of making them look pink or red can make you develop stretch marks on your lips and even mouth. Bleaching and exfoliating the lips thins out the skin and stretches them out leading to stretch marks.

6. Dark lips – onchronosis

Pink lips creams and pink lips balms can cause hyperpigmemted lips….this means the purpose of using creams to make your lips pink can fail and the lips can become blackened, darkened and hyperpigmented instead. This is known as onchronosis… It is a side effect of pink lips cream and lip balms.

7. Diabetes and hypertension

Many pink lip creams contain steroid and in the process of trying to use them bleach the lips, you end up using to much of it for too long. Use of steroids of steroids especially for the purpose of bleaching the lips and even skim can cause hypertension and diabetes.

8. Lip tears

Pink lips cream and balm can cause painful lips tears and ulcers.

9. Allergies

Lip balms and creams and cause severe or life threatening allergies…. This allergies can present as lip swelling, difficulty in breathing, wheals and urticaria.

Pink lips cream side effects
She developed swollen lips (from allergies) following use of lip balms

10. Lip scars/disfigurement

Lip balms for pink lips can cause serious lip injuries that can scar and disfigure your lips.

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