What can i use to Cure Eczema in Nigeria? Eczema creams in Nigeria, eczema soaps in Nigeria, eczema drugs in Nigeria.

FACTS ABOUT ECZEMA (Atopic Dermatitis, Contact Dermatitis etc)🔥🔥

Eczema is not an infection and it is not contagious ✔️✔️

👉So what is eczema❓

It is a general term for skin inflammation. It is an immune system disorder caused by abnormal skin barrier, skin dryness and inflammation. People with eczema may have allergies like asthma, food allergy.

What can i use to Cure Eczema in Nigeria?
What can i use to Cure Eczema in Nigeria?

👉So what causes it❓

There’s really not a specific cause but it is related to abnormality in skin protein. As I said earlier na just say some people dey more likely to get am based on as their body be.Things wey fit trigger eczema include dry weather, exposure to irritant, like harsh detergent, sweating.

E fit Dey within family because some of the predisposition is inherited but nor be say you fit transmit am from person to person
Eczema can affect any age group from baby to adults.

👉How do you best control eczema❓

-Moisturization! Moisturization!

Moisturization! Keep child’s skin moist at all times. Use thick cream. You know the one we Dey call pomade, ehen. Cream is better than lotion as cream has more oil content and so lasts longer on the body. Cheap examples of good moisturizer is vaseline. Other examples are aquaphor, aveena

– Avoid scented skin care products and irritants

-Protect your skin from harsh weather conditions

-Avoid long baths as this can dry out the skin.
-if there is associated itching, an anti-itch oral medicine may be given to the child by the doctor because if child keeps scratching, it may open the skin for infection

-In severe cases, the doctor may prescribe some steroid cream for the skin ( Abeg nor go buy am just dey use without doctor prescription cos e fit damage your pikin skin if you nor use am well).

Drugs, creams and soaps for eczema treatment in Nigeria…

1. Damatol

2. Tetmosol

3. Funbact A cream

4. Skineal cream

5. Dettol soap

6. Mycoten cream

7. Tydineal cream

8. Terbinafine

9. Clotrimazole cream

10. Dudu Osun Black soap is good for eczema

11. Aloe vera

12. Sulphur 8

13. Premier cool bathing soap

14. Loratidine tablets reduces the itching in eczema

15. Prednisolone tablets cures eczema but must be prescribed by a medical doctor

16. Antihistamines other than loratadine such as orphedrine….

17. Bathing with tetmosol soap

Please you need to see a doctor if the symptoms of eczema persists, it may be something else. Butter leaf and scent leaf does not cure eczema please.

👉Wetin nor be eczema❓

Sometimes we Dey call plenty things eczema wey get other treatments. Example na Scabies, ringworm, psoriasis, etc. see your doctor before you start to go pharmacy go Dey buy orishirishi.

Written by Bob Collins with contributions from www.nimedhealth.com.ng


  1. There are many things that can be used to cure eczema in Nigeria. Some of the things that have been found to work include over the counter creams, topical ointments, and prescription medications. It is important to find

  2. I’ve been having eczema ever since I was a child and now I’m an adult. Each time I treat it , it goes goes away for a while but always come back. How do I get rid of it permanently? It’s really embarrassing, I hate myself for it most times.


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