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After devil, Na him dem Dey blame for everything. Staph nor wicked like that ooo

👉So who be this staph❓

Staphylococcus aureus is a bacteria. If I check our nose, in up to 30% of us we will have it just sitting there causing no problems. If I check our skin about 20% of us have it just sitting there causing no wahala. E nor Dey too vex.

👉What infections does staph cause ❓
Mostly skin infection like boil, impetigo, abscess etc. Can also cause bone infection, blood infection or heart infection in some rare cases

👉How do you get staph infections❓

By direct contact with someone with infection or by sharing contaminated items or inhaling droplets from infected people.

👉Who is at risk of staph infection❓

-sharing personal items with someone who has the skin infection like towel etc
-use of hard injection drugs like heroine: these ones Dey inject the bacteria into their vein and then straight to the heart
-open or uncovered wound giving room for the bacteria to enter that area.
-people wey dem give injection for hospital or are getting drip or people wey get long term IV line. Very common when you go take injection for that chemist and them nor clean the place well
-after surgery
-people wey their immune system nor strong like that due to cancer, cancer drugs, etc
-newborns and breast feeding mothers


It depends on where it is affecting.

Skin:boil, redness of the area, swelling with pus. In children it could sometimes cause what we call staph scalded skin syndrome where the skin may begin to peel.

Lungs: cough that produces thick spit, high fever, difficulty breathing. Common in people who initially had flu and this comes on top of it.

Blood: Very high fever and the person is very sick as in nor be the one wey you waka go lab because your body Dey do you one kind and they will test you and say you have staph aureus in your blood. This one you will be terribly sick.

Bone: pain, fever. May have swelling and redness around where the bone pain is.

Toxic shock syndrome: especially when you leave vaginal tampon in or sometimes from other source of infection. Patients usually are very sick.

Food poisoning: severe nausea and vomiting. May have abdominal pain and diarrhea. Usually just goes on it’s own

Breast: pain, swelling, redness

👉So how do you diagnose staph aureus❓

Gram stain and Culture. That is identifying the organism under microscope. Depending on what you present with, sample could be blood, urine, bone marrow, pus, skin biopsy etc.

So make I break am down. There’s really no blanket statement like “you have staph infection”. I will tell you what I mean. If the infection is affecting your lungs then you have pneumonia caused by staph, if it is your blood, you have sepsis caused by staph, if it is on your skin, it could be impetigo, boil, abscess or whatever other skin infection caused by staph. The idea that you just go to a lab and they find staph in your blood without any symptoms is something to be worried about.

Staph infections truly exist and in people without underlying problems, it usually causes skin infection and not all the gbogbomishe they accuse it of causing. Yes, it causes problems but make sure your health practitioner can prove the source of your staph infection before placing you on antibiotics💊.

Sometimes treatment with antibiotics 💊 will commence especially for the skin infections even without confirmation because we understand which bacteria is popular in that area but otherwise if you feel fine don’t just accept and say “dem say I get staph infection”.

📷 Description: Gram Stain & Culture 🧫 of Staphylococcus Aureus !!

How to treat Staphylococcus in Nigeria
How to treat Staphylococcus in Nigeria

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