How to wean a baby in Nigeria + Nigerian foods for weaning babies.

“Mama bomboi”🍼!

When you and your baby are ready to wean, there are few things that can help to make the experience a more positive one for both of you:”

👉🏽It’s easiest for you and your baby if weaning is gradual – over several weeks, months or even longer.

👉🏽Start by substituting one feed. When one feed is going well, substitute another feed, and so on.

👉🏽Continue this way, substituting one feed at a time. The pace is up to you and your baby, but in general, the slower the better.

👉🏽Someone else, such as your baby’s father, may need to offer a feed for your baby to accept it. You can start with a liquid (such as expressed breast milk) in a cup or a complementary food after about 6 months of age.

👉🏽Follow your baby’s cues. She’ll tell you when she’s had enough.

👉🏽Hold and cuddle your baby when feeding from a cup and spoon. This extra closeness will help both of you during the weaning process.

👉🏽Watch the cues you give to your baby. If you sit in the same chair you usually use when you’re nursing, he’ll likely want to breastfeed


👉🏽Wear a well-fitting bra. A bra that is slightly tighter than normal will cause you to experience more pain.

👉🏽Use cold compresses eg cold cabbage leaves on the breast

👉🏽Avoid hot showers or warm compresses on your breasts. Warm or hot water can stimulate breast milk production.

👉🏽If you are in severe pain, it may be necessary to remove a little bit of the breast milk from your breasts for comfort. Just a little o.

👉🏽Take paracetamol or ibuprofen if very uncomfortable

👉🏽Avoid nipple stimulation including that from oga.

How to wean a baby in Nigeria
How to wean a baby in Nigeria

Now, it is important for you to know the best food to give your baby while weaning him or her from breast milk. Don’t forget that weaning in Nigeria starts from 6 months during which the mother start introducing solid foods, semisolid foods and other complementary foods to the baby.

How to wean a baby in Nigeria including Nigerian foods for weaning babies.

1. Pap or ogi or akamu

2. Custard

3. Rice

4. Beans

5. Bread

6. Vegetables

7. Fruits like apples, oranges, pawpaw, water melon

8. Swallow like pounded yam, semo, eba, akpu, Amala, starch

9. Yam and plantain

10. Porridge

11. Fish, meats, eggs, snails, chicken Turkey

12. Black soups, egusi, ogbono soup, okra soup, vegetable soup, Ewedu soup

13. Dodo

14. Yogurt like Greek yogurt, Hollandia, Habib yogurt etc

15. Fruit juices like chivita, chi-exotic, happy hour, bobo, viju

16. Milk… Peak, three crowns, Dano, loyal milk, Olympic milk, cowbell milk etc.

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