How to use wild yam to conceive twins, boost ovulation and fertility ….foods for hyperovulation. Wild yam root fertility benefits…I ate yams and had twins testimonies.


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Below is “WILD YAM”, one of the most powerful fertility foods ever discovered. It contains “DIOSGENIN”-(a chemical substance used pharmacologically to produce one of the most expensive Fertility Drugs in the world & steroids hormones).

Diosgenin is used as a starting material for more than 60% of the commercial synthesis of cortisone, pregnenolone, progesterone, and other reproductive steroids. Diosgenin is found in other herbs like fenugreek and other herbs and foods.

Diosgenin helps to reduce inflammation, increases the excretion of excess cholesterol from the body, lowers blood sugar and destroys cancer cells.

It balance hormones, treat menstrual disorders, increase fertility, increase sexual libidos, treat erectal dysfunction, increase ovulation, boost testosterone levels in men, increase breasts and buttocks in women, promote hair growth, good for the skin etc.

How to use wild yam to conceive twins, boost ovulation and fertility
How to use wild yam to conceive twins, boost ovulation and fertility

It’s one of the best food for menopausal women, it balance their hormones and reduces menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, vagina dryness, excessive sweetening, mood swings etc

A researcher revealed that some tribes in Nigeria ( especially Igbo ora of Yoruba) people who were slaves during those times in Europe were found to have high fertility rate especially when it comes to giving birth to TWINS and TRIPLETS. Some renowned researchers trace their root back to Africa to find out the reasons behind this in terms of food other things they do which account for their Multiple birth.

That was when they discovered that it was this particular Yam & red palm oil they eat a lots which promote their fertility.

In Jos, Plateau, wild yam is very common on the mountains of Mupun and Miship lands in Pankshin local government Area.

In Ghana, wild yam for fertility and twining is called asorbayere/ ahabayere. In Nigeria it’s popularly called alo or igangan in Yoruba language.

Preparation of wild yam for fertility and twinning –

Cook without peeling and peel after cooking and can eat with stews, soups, red oil or groundnut oil etc.

You an dry and make powder out of it which you can sprinkle on food like rice, oats, soups. When to eat yams for fertility? Eat it every day and every week… Eating wild yam for fertility during your ovulation period is the best…

How many yams to eat for twins?

No number of yams has been specified to be eaten for fertility and twinning. Just eat the wild yam as staple food to get maximum results. You can use the wild yam for porridge, Amala, swallow, pounded yam, roasted yam etc.

Yams and twins success stories

There are many testimonies about eating yams and conceiving twins in igbo Ora Oyo state. Many women in the community have narrated how they ate yam and had twins.

There is another theory that wild yam helps boost fertility and increases a woman chances of getting pregnant with twins because it contains a reproductive hormone called phytoestrogen.

The phytoestrogen found in wild yam mimicks the female oestrogen and can stimulate the ovaries to cause hyperovulation (release of 2 or more eggs during ovulation) thereby helping a woman have multiple gestation and twins.

The yoruba people of Igbo ora, Oyo state (headquarters of twins in the world) understands this very well… They eat roasted wild yam as staple food…. It is believed that roasted wild yam is even richer in phytoestrogens and hence the reason for their high twinning rates in the world.

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