Is Habib Yoghurt good for a pregnant woman? Is habib yoghurt and fura safe in pregnancy? writes:

This is not a question to ask really. Habib yoghurt and fura is a rich probiotic that is safe in pregnancy and perfect for pregnant women… Habib yogurt is rich in proteins, iodine, calcium, vitamins, and minerals which encourage the healthy growth and development of both the mother and the baby. Habib yogurt and fura also rich in probiotics that helps to maintain gut and vaginal flora in women. This means Habib yogurt can help a woman can help a pregnant woman prevent and treat the recurrent abdominal discomfort and vaginal yeast infections that characterise pregnancy. The rich calcium in Habib yogurt is essential for the development of strong bones and teeth in babies during fetal development.

Is Habib Yoghurt good for a pregnant woman?
Is Habib Yoghurt good for a pregnant woman?

Habib yogurt and fura does not cause abortion, miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Are you pregnant? Please enjoy your habib yogurt and fura in peace. It is safe in pregnancy.

Other things you need to know about yogurt generally.

Yoghurt is a diary product made by fermenting milk with yoghurt culture

Here are few tips on benefits of taking Yoghurts regularly

* 👉Promoting healthy bones

*👉Aiding digestion

*👉Provides the body with calcium, Vitamin B6 & B12, Riboflavin, Potassium and magnesium.

* 👉Probiotic; taking yogurt with probiotic helps fight against diarrhea, constipation and bloating, since it benefits the guts and help the digestive system.

Yoghurt with probiotic can boost the immune system ( thinking of boosting your immune system? Next time before picking a bottle of yoghurt from the shelf ensure it has active probiotic)

* 👉Yoghurt is also beneficial to children and pregnant women since it protects them from heavy metal exposure.

*👉 Lactose intolerance,; People with lactose intolerance can substitute milk for yoghurt as the lactose in Yoghurt is reduced during fermenting.

There are various types of Yoghurts, Yoghurt can be a tasty nutritious addition to any diet, however, there are different varieties of Yoghurts and some are more healthier than others, for example low fat Yoghurts can be a useful source of protein on a weight loss diet.

When is Yoghurts bad for you as a pregnant woman?

When the Yoghurts have high quantities of added sugar, artificial sweetners and other ingredients.

All Yoghurts contains some natural sweetner, the lower the sugar the better for you !!!

So, when next you feel like adding healthy drink to your daily intake…. don’t forget to add Yoghurts.


Yogurts generally are safe in pregnancy as they are a healthy drink with numerous health benefits and medicinal properties… Habib yogurt and Hollandia yoghurt are very good for pregnant women… all trimester of pregnancy you can take Habib yogurt or Hollandia yoghurt.

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