How to use tetmosol soap for scabies, is #tetmosol soap good for scabies? does tetmosol soap work for scabies? Does tetmosol kill scabies?

Scabies infestations has been described as a skin-to-skin disease of poverty and found in very poor communities who don’t have access to water (to wash) and basic infrastructures. However, sexually transmitted scabies is still found among the rich. Scabies is still a common presentation in many clinics even in developed societies.

Many scientifically backed treatment options have been provided for scabies such as use of benzyl benzoate, ivermectin, and permethrin etc. Loratadine and sometimes antibiotics are prescribed alongside these scabicides for the intense itching and secondary bacteria infection.


I noticed nobody talks about the popular soap tetmosol in the treatment and prevention of scabies even though tetmosol is a well known scabicide… Tetmosol kills scabies.

Tetmosol contains two active ingredients which are well known scabicides. These ingredients in tetmosol are benzyl benzoate and monosulfiram.

Scabies Treatment….how to get rid of scabies with tetmosol soap

Tetmosol soap (Monosulfiram and benzyl benzoate)


Tetmosol soap is used for treatment and prevention dermatitis from scabies and related skin problems like itching, skin irritation, inflammation, redness on skin. It also works against head and body lice.

How does #tetmosol soap work against scabies?

Itching in scabies is caused due to movement of mites under your skin.

Tetmosol contains monosulfiram and BENZYOL benzoate which are toxic to the scabies mites. Once the mites come in contact with monosulfiram and benzyl benzoate, they cannot move.

How to use tetmosol soap for scabies
Can tetmosol kill scabies?

Hence you get an immediate relief from itching.
Within a few hours of exposure to this drug, the mites die, thus curing you from the scabies infestations. You can relieve the unbearable itching from scabies infestations with an antihistamine called loratadine. The itching from scabies is caused by the allergic irritation of your skin to the eggs laid by the mites.

These scabies mites are the infective cause of scabies and other related skin problems like louse infestations.

How to use tetmosol soap for scabies

It is easy…To treat or prevent scabies infestations, just bath with tetmosol soap twice or three times daily for a long time…You will start seeing results within one week. Sometimes, you can wash only the affected skin area with tetmosol soap. Applying benzyl benzoate lotion to area of the skin irritated by scabies after bathing with tetmosol will give you maximal and quick results.


Tetmosol soap is a scabicide. It kills scabies mites.

#Tetmosol soap works for scabies and it is good for the treatment of scabies.

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