How to make kunu with millet date tigernut and sweet potato…..Procedures for making kunu.

Kunu aya is a popular non-alcoholic drink in northern Nigeria with numerous health benefits, medicinal properties and nutritional value. It is important you learn how to prepare kunu yourself because you cannot really trust the cleanliness, environment and the hygiene of those you buy outside and drink. Some of the kunu you buy outside were not properly made and are at best contaminated.

You like drinking kunu aya? Here is how you prepare it. Make your kunu to your taste.

How to make kunu with millet date tigernut and sweet potato


KUNU RECIPE: kunu drink ingredients

1. 3 cups of millets

2. 2 medium sized peeled ginger

3. 1 tbsp cloves (kanafuru)

4. Dates

5. Tiger nuts

6. Sugar or honey to taste

7. 2 sweet potatoes (raw potatoes please not cooked)

8. Clean and drinkable Water

Step 1

The seed is allowed to ferment by soaking for about 48 hours.The water should however be changed after every 7 hours

Step 2

Wash the millet seed properly with clean water then add ginger,tiger nuts, dates, cloves and sweet potatoes

Step 3

Blend all ingredients together until yoh have a smooth paste while adding water for fine consistency. A blender with sharp blades or grinding mill.

Step 4

Sieve the entire content and allow to settle for 7 hours after which you should have a clear fluid above and the thick sediment at the bottom.

How to make kunu with millet date tigernut and sweet potato
How to prepare kunu with maize, dates, millers, sugar etc

Step 5

Pour away the liquid leaving only the thick sediment

Step 6

Split the thick paste into two separate bowls,add hot boiled water into one parts and stir(mix for consistency before adding hot boiled water)

Step 7

Mix the two separated content back together again and stir. Add clean water until you have achieved the thickness of choice

Step 8

Sieve the entire content again to remove the chaff

Step 9

Sweeten to taste with sugar and dates and refrigerate…it is now ready for ready for drinking.

Kunu aya drink is now a favorite drink if many Nigerians and this cuts across tribes, cultures, religion and regions. Kunu drink is good for children, men, women and even the old and elderly.

PLEASE NOTE: some people make kunu drink with millets and guinea corn.

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  1. this was really helpful i have bin making kunu zaki and kunu aya but seperately but now i’ll add dates to make it sweeter bc i don’t like adding sugar to it, i like native and natural food, tnx so much

  2. Tnk u so much for dis. On my own part I hv also been preparing kunu Zaki n aya separately but today I prepared kunu Zaki (millet n guinea corn, sweet potatoes n germinated rice) bc it’s not very tasty (as I don’t like adding sugar) between dates and tigernuts which should I blend to add to d already made mixture (kunu Zaki) waiting for ur urgent response tnx


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