Disadvantages, Side Effects and Health Benefits of Kunu Drink… What are the functions of kunu drink in the body?

Kunu drink, kunu aya, kunu tsamiya or what ever you may call it is a northern non-alcoholic drink that is now enjoyed across Nigeria and even in West Africa. Kunu has no English name for your info… There are different types of kunu aya drink depending on the ingredients and recipes used to prepare it. Kunu is a very safe and healthy drink.

Types of kunu drink

Depending on the ingredients used. There are three types of kunu drink.

1. Kunu aya: from tiger nuts

2. Kunu tsamiya is made from tamarind and gero

3. Kunu zaki: made from millet and ginger

4. Kunu gyada made from rice

Kunu also spelt as Kunun has numerous health benefits, medicinal properties and nutritional value.

Disadvantages, Side Effects and Health Benefits of Kunu Drink
A Hausa lady with her chilled kunu drink

Health benefits of kunu drink

1. Lowers blood sugar

Kunun drink helps lower blood sugar and control blood glucose in persons living with diabetes. Kunu does this by stimulating the pancreas to produce a reasonable amount of insulin.

2. Boosts ovulation

Drinking a cup of kunu aya drink morning and evening helps boosts ovulation in women and increases their chances of getting pregnant.

3. Lowers blood pressure

Kunun aya drink relaxes the blood vessels such that it lowers blood pressure… Kunun aya is good for hypertension.

4. Lowers blood cholesterol

Kunu aya drink helps lowers excess blood cholesterol. Too much cholesterol in the blood can cause stroke and coronary heart diseases. Kunu is good for the brain and heart.

5. Good for pregnant women

Kunun aya is very good and safe in pregnancy. Kunu aya is rich in vitamins and folic acid… Folic acid is good for pregnant women because it prevents spinal bifida and congenital abnormalities in babies

6. Promotes lactation

Kunu aya stimulates oxytocin production, a hormone that stimulates the breasts to release milk. Nursing and breastfeeding mothers who take kunu find it easy to breastfeed.

7. Promotes digestion

Kunu treats indigestion and promotes proper digestion of good… Are you suffering from indigestion and bloating, just take kunu, it helps.

8. Aids good sleep

A cup of kunu drink every night before going to bed makes you have a sound sleep and calms your brain. You wake up feeling refreshed.

9. Treats constipation

Kunu drink is a high fibre diet that promotes bowel movements and treats constipation.

10. Boost sperm count

Are you suffering from low sperm count and low sperm quality as a man? Take a cup of kunu drink garnished with fresh tigernuts and watch your sperm count improve.

11. Boosts fertility

Kunu is a very popular fertility booster for both men and women. For men, it increases sperm count and boost erection and libido. For women, Kunu drink boosts ovulation and regularises menstruation….

12. Regulates menstruation

Kunu regularises and restores ceased menstruation and flow. You need a regular menstrual cycle to be able to achieve pregnancy .

13. Treats anemia

Kunun is very rich in iron and taking kunu helps to boost the production of red blood cells and increases blood level. Persons who take kunu were observed to have increased packed cell volume and hemoglobin concentration in a matter of weeks.

14. Relieves ulcer

It is true that kunu treats ulcer. Kunun has a cooling effect on ulcer… It increases blood flow to the ulcer crater and promotes ulcer healing. Take a cup of kunu drink morning and evening to prevent stomach ulcer.

15. Boosts libido.

Kunu drink stimulates testosterone production and enhances libido in boost men and women. Kuna aya is believed to make a man last longer in bed.

16. Weight loss and weight gain

To some authors, kunu drink burns excess body calories and causes weight loss while to others kunu drink can make someone fat.To me, kunu can serve both purposes depending on the recipe used to prepare them.

Disadvantages and side effects of kunu drink

The disadvantages and side effects of kunu aya drink arise mainly from the contamination that occurs at the point of production and from poor handling. The bottles used to package kunu may also not be very clean and unhealthy.

The sides effects of kunu drink are:


👉Abdominal cramps




👉Passing of excess gas… Flatulence.


Kunu is better served cold. Kunu aya drink is a very safe drink in children , men, pregnant women, old, young, and even the elderly.

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