Health benefits of zobo drink for fertility in men and women…

Zobo drink or sorrel drink is a popular drink in Nigeria and even in West Africa. It has numerous health benefits, nutritional value and medicinal properties that cannot be overlooked.

It is very common to see women trying to conceive take zoo drink to increases their chances of getting pregnant. Men who take zobo drink do so with the aim of boosting their sexual libido, sexual performance, boost their sperm count and sperm quality plus to make them last longer in bed….Zobo drink is a reknown fertility booster.

In this article I am going to look at how zobo drink helps to boost fertility in both males and females. Let us look at the effects of ogbono zobo drink on fertility.

Health benefits of zobo drink for fertility

1. Boosts ovulation

In women,zobo drink helps boost ovulation and increases a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. Zobo does this by helping to stimulate the ovary to release egg for fertilization… It is even believed that zobo affects fertility positively by increasing a woman’s chances of giving birth to twins. Zobo drink ensures that only healthy eggs are released during ovulation.

Health benefits of zobo drink for fertility
Effects of zobo drink on male and female fertility.

2. Regularisation of menstruation

Some women who once had scanty period, no menstruation (ammenorrhea), heavy flow and painful period have to reported to experience a significant regularisation of their menstrual cycle after taking a daily dose of zobo drink.

3. Boosts Lactation

For breastfeeding mothers, zobo promotes milk let down and increases prolactin level for breast milk production. Nursing mothers can take zobo drink.

4. Boosts sperm count

Men who take zobo drink once reported an increase in their sperm count, sperm motility, sperm quality, and sperm production. Zobo increases the production of testosterone in men, a hormone responsible for quality sperm production. Zobo drink can treat erectile dysfunction and male infertility.

5. Boosts erection and libido

By increasing testosterone production, zobo drink helps boost erection and libido in men. Zobo drink drink boost fertility in men by helping them last longer in bed. Zobo drink helps to increase blood flow to the genitals and by so doing, increases libido in men and women and enhances erection and sexual performance.

6. Cures premature ejaculation

Are you suffering from premature ejaculation as a man? Please ensure you take zobo drink morning and evening. Zobo is an aphrodisiac and can cure premature ejaculation and weak erection in men.

7. Treats vagina infections

Zobo drink can cleanse inside the body of a woman thereby removing obstacles that can cause female infertility.

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