How to make Goron Tula syrup with Honey, How to make thick goron tula syrup, How to preserve Goron Tula syrup, How to make Silky kola syrup.

How to make Goron Tula syrup with Honey
Newly prepared Goron tula syrup

This above👆 is the finished product of the Goron Tula. It has been boiled and the syrup/juice extracted. Don’t forget that goron tula is the main component of kayanmata, the popular Hausa aphrodisiac, manpower and fertility booster.

DIY… Step by step on how to prepare goron tula at home

Ingredients for Gorontula syrup

1. Wash your hands very well and clean it dry.

2. Get plenty dry goron tula and soak in warm water for about 30 minutes to one hour to make them softer… Or Boil the goron tula in hot water for like 5 minutes and then pound like you are pounding palm nut

3. Get other ingredients like ginseng roots, Mondia Whitei, cinnamon, ginger, fenugreek, fennel, sugar lumps, thickener (flax seed) dates, original honey, calabash nutmeg, pounded goron tula etc.

4. Put your pot of water on fire and add ginger, cloves, mondia and cover to allow it boil for 20 minutes. Then add the rest of the spices.. fennel, fenugreek, and calabash nutmeg because they don’t need to be cooked for too long.

5. Then add your pounded goron tula and dates. Stir and cover to allow it boil for another 30 minutes.

6. Thereafter, bring it off fire and sieve with a clean cloth or filter to extract the juice. Squeeze with a your strength to get every bit of juice out of it.

7. After extracting the juice, discard what is remaining in the sieve (filter) and put the extracted juice into your pot….now you can add your sugar lumps and your desired thickener…(flax seed is better)…Goron tula powder can also be used as thickener….Allow it to boil and stir once in a while. It is be on fire for 10 minutes or less.

See how thick the goron tula syrup now is from this video:

You can mix with sesame seeds (very medicinal) and honey or sugar. For different reasons, I mix different natural ingredients.

You can mix the goron tula syrup with yogurt, cloves, custard and pap for consumption.

How to preserve Goron Tula syrup

Remember to always refrigerate in plastic or glass container to prevent it from getting spoilt.

Worthy benefits of goron tula syrup with honey.

Our improved gorontula syurp is in stock,very thick and works like magic. Gorontula, honey and clove are the main ingredients, it is suitable for everyone, you open and drink whenever you want because it is syrup,it last longer than the fruit

it cures weak erection.

It removes vagina odour.

It makes child delivery easier

It boost fertility in women and men

increases sperm count in men.

it helps treat vagina dryness.

it makes you achieve satisfaction “in za other room.”

Drinking Goron tula syrup makes sperm thicker and stronger

It is important you learn ow to Make Goron Tula syrup at home (DIY) because it is expensive.

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