How to wash out sperm to prevent pregnancy. How to wash away sperm.

Wash out sperm is a lay persons language which simply means to remove sperm from “inside the female body” after an unprotected sex in order to prevent pregnancy. Wash out sperm is a local term for contraception after sex. Ladies use all kinds of drugs, drinks, bitters, foods, herbs and manipulation to remove sperm from their body to avoid getting pregnant.

How to wash out sperm to prevent pregnancy.

I am going to list out more than 50 ways girls, ladies and women use to get rid and wash out sperm from their body after unprotected intercourse. Some of these methods are funny but trust me, ladies use them anyway. They are:

  1. Salt and water
  2. Uda water is used by some ladies to wash out sperm
  3. Beecham ampiclox
  4. Urinating after sex
  5. Cold Water
  6. Warm water
  7. Jumping up and down after sex
  8. Seven Up
  9. Alabukun
  10. Andrew Livers Salt
  11. Coke
  12. Fanta
  13. Sprite alone
  14. Sprite and salt.
  15. Postinor tablets
  16. Postpill
  17. Shower head of water
  18. Teem soda
  19. Krest
  20. Limca
  21. Goron Tula
  22. Bitter lemon
  23. Mountain dew…yes mountain dew is a popular among ladies for emergency contraception
  24. Mirinda. Some ladies think drinking mirinda after sex will wash out what is deposited in them.
  25. Pepsi
  26. Yoyo bitters
  27. Alomo bitters
  28. Action bitters
  29. Ogogoro dry gin
  30. Chelsea dry gin
  31. Dry gin is the oldest drink used to wash out sperm because it is believe to be toxic to sperm. Dry gin actually kills sperm
  32. Lemon and lime
  33. Alum water
  34. Lime
  35. Lemon water
  36. Lemon grass water
  37. Paraga
  38. Some women use lacasera to wash out sperm. Don’t be shocked.
  39. Pineapple … especially pineapple smoothie is believed to flush away sperm
  40. Inserting alum
  41. Origin bitters is believed to help wash sperm away in the female body.
  42. Guinness stout
  43. Bitter leaf
  44. Scent leaf
  45. Alligator pepper
  46. Spermicides
  47. Beer like star, gulder , 33, Goldberg, stout, hiernekin, etc …some women drink beer after unprotected sex with the believe that it will wash out spermatozoa…other women wash inside their body with the beer in order to kill the sperm and prevent pregnancy.
  48. Intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD) can wash out sperm even 3 days after sex.
  49. Soda water
  50. Yoni pearls
  51. Painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol are believed to kill sperm and wash sperm out .
  52. Paracetamol and coke is believed to wash out sperm and prevent pregnancy but this is not true.
  53. Apple cedar vinegar is year to wash out sperm by some ladies after unplanned OR unprotected sex
  54. I recently found out that some ladies now use alabukun for sperm killing to prevent pregnancy.
How to wash out sperm to prevent pregnancy
Salt and water or only water remains the most popular in washing away sperm among ladies.

What really works as emergency contraceptive?

Apart from postinor, postpill, plan b and IUCD, the listed names above cannot prevent pregnancy….only postinor, postpill and IUD can truly wash out sperm in the sense of it and prevent pregnancy. They are the only scientifically backed emergency contraceptive. Others do not work and should be discourage. Spermicides works but they should be used before and not after unprotected intecourse. Can i still get pregnant if i wash out the sperm….the answer is yes.

Ladies, introducing these things inside your body with the aim of prevent conception can make you develop vagina infections like bacteria vaginosis, toilet infections, yeast infection and pelvic inflammatory diseases.

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