Food that kills sperm in the female body…are there foods that destroy sperm inside a woman’s body?

See there is actually no food that is scientifically documented to kill or destroy sperm in a woman’s body…. but I was able to come up with the following foods…albeit controversial…

What kills sperm cells in a woman?

👉Soya: a chemical substance called genistein found in soya has been reported to kill sperm released in the female. This will prevent pregnancy.

👉soda eg soft drinks can damage sperm in the female body and prevent pregnancy

👉women trying to conceive should avoid alcohol as alchohol destroys sperm and prevent them from conceiving.

Food that kills sperm in the female body
Food that kills sperm in the female body .

Okro: okra is one of the foods that decrease sperm count and motility. Gossypol a chemical substance found in okra has been shown to have the ability to destroy sperm cells in a when eaten.

👉Smoking kills sperm in a female body and prevent pregnancy.


Are you a man, please read this. 👇

Please read this article and see some things that kills sperm that you should avoid.

The ability of a man to produce enough sperm cells is very important in conceiving a child because out of millions of the sperm cells, only one would penetrate into the egg cell.
Infertility in something that many men dread, as it means that they might not be man enough to father a child, yet some of this things are caused by habits which some of them engage in.
In this article, we will talk about some of the most dangerous habits of some men that can cause low sperm count which in turn causes infertility and reduces their chances of getting a woman pregnant.

1. Smoking

Smoking has been attributed to causing many negative effects in the body ranging from cancer to lowering sperm counts. Smoking or any form of tobacco can take a toll on your reproductive health as it affects sperm motility ( how sperm swim) and the overall DNA and quality.

2. Alcohol

It is advisable to stay clear off alcohol for men for several reasons, and one of the most important reason is if you really want to have children. Studies have discovered that alcohol alters testosterone levels which is very vital in reproduction, as well as the fact that alcohol releases toxins into the body which can damage sperm.

3. Drugs

Just like alcohol, intake or abuse of drugs can prove dangerous to your sperm count as it kills and reduces it. According to study, the usage of drugs can reduce sperm count by a third, which is a very high risk considering that you might want to have a larger sperm count to increase your chances of getting a woman pregnant. Painkillers like paracetamol and ibuprofen have been reported to have the ability to kill sperm and reduce fertility.

4. Wearing tight underwear

Many men are fond of wearing extremely tight boxers or underwear instead of the spacious ones, which they consider old school. Your sperm cells are located outside your body for a reason, and that is for it to be in the best condition where heat is not required.
Wearing tight underpants isn’t cool, as experts have shown that men who wear tight underpants are less likely to have a high sperm count.

5. Eating Junk food

The most obvious reason of eating junk food is that you will definitely start putting on weight or fat, which is linked to infertility in men. Junk foods are not generally healthy and apart from the weight gain, it also put people at risk of having diabetes and heart problems.

For a man who wants to have a healthy sperm count, eating food rich in nutrients like vegetables and fruits would be the better choice. For any man that desires to be a father someday, the right decisions regarding your health can be made today.

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