Can alligator pepper increase manhood size? How to increase male organ with Alligator Pepper.

I saw this article about a week a ago on instagram where the poster claimed that alligator pepper (Aframomum melegueta or “grains of paradise”) can be used for manhood enlargement. I mean male organ enlargement here.

Someone said rubbing a mixture of alligator pepper and banana daily on your manhood will make it bigger. Another said eating the seed of alligator pepper morning and evening will cause male organ enlargement for persons with supposed small “John Thomas”. I even spoke with one agbo Jedi herbs maker or hawker who told me she has special Alligator pepper preparation used to enlarge manhood. She told me it was expensive and it takes special skills to make it… While she was talking to me, I saw some men rushing and drinking the very peppery herbal concoctions… I have also seen special teas made with alligator pepper and other spices used to make the penis bigger.

Can alligator pepper increase manhood size?
Does alligator pepper increase manhood size?

The truth is, people have come to accept these herb preparations even though they know there are no evidence to support their beliefs that it works…they just want to waste their money anyway.

Can alligator pepper increase manhood size?

Now my verdict…. There are NO herbs, pills, spice, herbal concoctions, pepper or what have you that have the ability to increase penis size. I mean none, both medically backed by Science and traditionally. Eating alligator pepper or mixing alligator pepper with other herbs and drinking the preparations will not make your manhood increase in size or length. Stop wasting your time on what will not work.

Don’t go and rub alligator pepper on your manhood I beg you… You may not be able to bear the burning sensation or peppery feeling. It will cause you serious burns and injure your penis. Yet it will not be bigger. I have warned you.

Alligator pepper is “purportedly” used to cure the following:
– Asthma
– Indigestion
– Body ache
– Dysentery
– Anti-inflammatory
– Aphrodisiac
– Stimulant
– Malaria treatment
– Weight loss
– It is also an energy booster
– It also helps sperm booster
– Worm expellant
– Heals Gonorrhea and syphilis
– Boost immune system
– Heals postpartum bleeding
– Anticancer property
– Heals muscle pain
– Heals arthritis
– Relieves vomiting
– Heals Flu or the common cold
– It helps blood flow
– Calming inflammation
– Cardiovascular health
– It also protects the body at the cellular level
– Remove harmful bacteria and allow helpful bacteria to thrive
– Body detox
– Treat depression
– It also heals menstruation cramp
– Burns belly fats
– Skin diseases.

We will look at the veracity of these claims in subsequent articles on alligator pepper.

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