Can teem soda and lipton abort pregnancy?

Teem soda is one of the popular soft drinks that contain high amount of caffeine …people take it because they believe it keeps them active and energy-filled during work ….

Lipton tea whether Black label, yellow label or green label contain high doses of caffeine…but not as much as nescafe though.

Now a number of ladies combine Lipton tea and teem soda water either for weight loss, burning of excess belly fat, as a psychoactive stimulant, to flush out sperm and prevent pregnancy, and most importantly, for the sake of this article, a combo of Lipton tea and teem soda is used to about pregnancy.

Can teem soda and lipton abort pregnancy?
Can teem soda and lipton abort pregnancy?

I once meet a lady who claimed she once mixed teem soda water and Lipton tea together and drank it to abort or remove her 4 weeks old pregnancy and she has since them recommended to other ladies for termination of pregnancy.

Lipton tea and teem soda are some of the drinks that pregnant women have been told to avoid drinking because it have the ability to cause miscarriage, premature delivery, pregnancy loss and even intrauterine fetal death…This is because of their high caffeine content.

Yes, I must agree that drinking mixture of teem soda and Lipton tea can actually remove early pregnancy….caffeine does this. Ladies who try this at home should desist from it because it is a form of unsafe abortion with it’s attendant complications.

Caffeine is not safe in pregnancy and pregnant women should stop taking drinks that contain caffeine….teem soda and Lipton are drinks to be avoided…

Consuming large amounts of caffeine from teem soda and Lipton tea during pregnancy may increase your risk of miscarriage or low birthweight, congenital birth defects so it’s best to limit your intake of caffeine. I advise you don’t take at all to be on a safe side.

Caffeine is a chemical found in many foods and drinks, including coffee, tea and cola, teem, limca, mountain dew, seven up, energy drinks etc. It affects the nervous system and can cause irritability, nervousness and sleeplessness.

To conclude , a mixture of teem soda and Lipton tea can abort early pregnancy and it is now a known fact that many ladies now use this to remove early pregnancy. Teem soda or teem bitter lemon together with Lipton tea can cause miscarriage and pregnant women should them.

CAVEAT: Ladies who use teem soda and Lipton tea to induce abortion should know that it is unsafe…unsafe abortion kills.

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  1. I took Lipton and team soda up till now I’m not seeing any results
    My question is how many days can someone stay after taking it for it to work?


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