Nigerian/Yoruba herbs and cure for fibroid…Nigerian herbal cure for fibroid.

What is fibroid called in Yoruba language? Well I don’t really know but I understand the Yoruba people have developed their own treatment and remedy for uterine fibroid long before the coming of the oyinbos. I don’t want to dwell on whether these Nigerian or Yoruba herbal cure works or not…. I just want to show you their herbal preparations for fibroid.

Yoruba treatment of fibroid Remedy 1

Get soursop leaves, put in pot add water to cover boil it 10/20mins (please clean pot and wash leaves before boiling),drink 1st thing in the morning and last thing at night……get castor oil warm up and massage your womb areas…. do this for 5month on the 6th month go and do scan and see the works of God.

Dosage: one 75ml mug both morning and night.

To warm: put a sauce pan on the fire to be hot or use small clay pot..let it be hot bring down from fire let it cool a little add the oil and massage your womb areas. Dont put it directly on fire please.

Yoruba herbal preparation for fibroid Remedy 2

1. Aidan
2. iyeye leaf
3. olu iju
4. one black lbepe
5. Epa ikun
6. Obuotoyo little
7. Enukopire
8. Kaun bilala
9. Back of bitter melon
10. Back of àmúyàn


cut everything into pieces, put inside
pot and cook with pap water.


Drink half of stainless cup, twice dailyfor up-to a month. Very effective it will shrink the fibroid.

Yoruba herbs for fibroid
Yoruba herbs for fibroid

Yoruba herbs for fibroid Remedy 3

Use dogoyaro leaves and omi ogi(pap water). Cook them together and drink morning and evening to shrink your uterine fibroid. Very nice, you will share testimony.

Yoruba Treatment for fibroid Remedy 4

Use soursop leaves, guava leaves, ginger, garlic and lime. Cook and drink half cup 2 times in a day for 5-7days to melt your fibroids.

Yoruba herbal concoctions for fibroid Remedy 5

After drinking mango, sun dry d seed n cut it, another seed is inside, boil the seed inside with Uda spices and pandoro, drink during your period(menstruation). OR you get mango you break the shell and the seed inside take it out,break avocado seed in two dry ones boil them and drink the liquid. You break the seeds and boil them till the water becomes red. Then drink 2 cups a day when on periods it will come out and shrinks fibroids and even ovarian cyst.

Yoruba herbal preparation for fibroid Remedy 6

Get palm kernel seed, chew 20 pieces every morning, it will help you melt it out gradually, because if you operate it, it will definitely grow back again, that is why you see most women operating it two to three times.

Yoruba herbal preparation for fibroid Remedy 7

Get 5 small bitter kolas,grate the 5bitter kolas, add 5 slices of garlic, a piece of ginger and blend…. .a cup everyday will melt out all fibroids.


These Nigerian or yoruba herbal remedies for fibroids listed above DO NOT work… Sorry, I have to tell you the truth after trying to raise your hopes. As a certified medical doctor, I must advise you in a way that you will get cure…. most uterine fibroid will end up being operated especially for women of reproductive age trying to conceive with large fibroid masses. Many of these women who have tried Nigerian herbs, Yoruba herbs igbo herbs or Hausa herbs for shrinking fibroids end up coming to the hospital for surgery because it failed them. Don’t be scammed or deceived with herbal cure for uterine fibroids.

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