How to use alligator pepper for erectile dysfunction…Alligator pepper for man power. Se.cxual benefits of alligator pepper for men. How to use Alligator pepper to last longer in bed.

You have an erectile dysfunction if you have weak …., low libido, low sperm count, quick or premature ejaculation. Most times, ED or low libido is caused by a low level of testosterone, blood circulation, lifestyle (drinking, smoking), infection and certain prostrate issues, stress etc.

I read a facebook post where the author believes a combo of bitter kola and alligator pepper can be used to treat or reverse erectile dysfunction…See how to use Alligator pepper to last longer.

How to use alligator pepper for erectile dysfunction.


Cut the bitter kola into pieces and put in a pot, add some alligator pepper, add water to cover the content of the pot and put to boil on low heat.

Boil for 10-15 minutes and bring down to cool.

Sieve into a container or leave in pot (whichever is preferable). Drink half a glass cup twice daily (Morning and Evening). You will get the maximal result in a week.

How to use alligator pepper for erectile dysfunction
Alligator pepper is a manpower and aphrodisiac for some men.


Alligator pepper works on the whole man. It helps treats his erectile problem and sustains him for his natural official duties where he is expected to work for longer. Alligator pepper helps to delay duration of nakks and nurture a healthy prostate too… alligator pepper maintains the size of the prostate.

Method: how to use.

Just chew some seeds of alligator pepper and yes you will experience the pepperish effect but it is believed that it works.

Alligator pepper is believed to help open up the nerves and blood vessels and increase blood flow to the pelvic organs. That is why it is believed that it helps with low libido and weak wood. Alligator pepper is used for man power.

Some things you should know about alligator pepper..

The Flavor of Africa: ALLIGATOR PEPPER aka grains of paradise. In the Yoruba tongue, it is known as Atare. It is a west African spice (pungent) commonly used to enhance Nigerian culinary recipes.

It is also known for its healing powers both medicinal and spiritual. Spiritually, according to the African Traditional Religion, it is used in naming ceremonies,to ward off the evil eye and to bring abundance and prosperity into ones life.

Some of the medicinal benefits of these small magical seeds are they lower blood pressure, helps balance hormone levels, cures sore throat and cough, reduced inflammation, burns fat and boost immune system, regulates menstrual flow, improves female fertility, increases fe(male) libido, and cure erectile dysfunction.

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  1. Dear Sir, ln applying the alligator pepper, hoe many seed would the eat /how many times in a day.
    When eats it too much, does it have side effects in the system.
    Can it be eating on empty stomach and by patient with ulcer in his/her body. Thank you and anticipate to hear from you Sir .

  2. Good morning sir,
    Please 🙏 can someone drink the parboiled allegator pepper and bitter cola water and still chew only the allegator pepper???

    Please 🙏 if this remedy is used as instructed and the issue still persist, what should one do next???


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