Side effects and health benefits of African Chewing Gum.

Known as snot apple in English, Thespesia is the scientific name, goron tula, as it is called in Hausa. It is soft and chewy, which is why it is also called African Chewing Gum.

Thespesia is a genus of 13 flowering shrubs and trees in the Hibiscus family, Malvaceae, although within the family they are more closely related to cotton plants. The genus is distributed from the South Pacific through Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Side effects and health benefits of African Chewing Gum
Side effects and health benefits of African Chewing Gum

African chewing gum (Goron Tula) is the best remedy for male and female fertility, to increase libido and treat many diseases. It has been known for its health benefits. But widely known as an aphrodisiac and helps women achieve orgasm in bed.

It cures many diseases, but most often used to improve “inside the body” of women facing dryness…..

This nut has been identified to have several health benefits such as:
1 • Treatment for premature ejaculation and weak erection
2 • Male and female fertility
3 • Sperm booster
4 • Strengthen the immune system
5 • Prevents cancer
6 • Reduces high blood pressure
It also helps relieve
7 • Chest pain
8 • Asthma
9 • Liver problem
10 • Menstrual cramps
11. Dryness in women…

This miracle fruit helps women who have difficulty climaxing during sexual intercourse and who suffer from dryness.

How then use African chewing gum:

Put the fruits in hot water for 10 minutes before consuming them.

During and after chewing, swallow the juice and the flesh and discard its pit.

The health benefits of goron tula includes prevention of high blood pressure, lowers blood sugar level, ease digestion, improves the body immune system and can serve as a remedy for asthma. It assists in improving bowel movement.

The fruit is commonly consumed as a food additive added to soups and porridge.
Consumption of this fruits also helps develop a strong desire for sexual intercourse with your partner.

People experiencing lowered libido as a result of stress or other health conditions can try Goron Tula.It can also be used to boost fertility, hence minimizing the dependence on synthetic drugs.

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Side effects of African Chewing gum

African chewing gum have not been actually reported to have any untoward side effects from all researches I have checked. However, African chewing gum have been feared recently to have the ability to cause miscarriage and have the ability to cause early pregnancy loss.This has not been proven to be scientifically correct.

Goron tula is an aphrodisiac that has now been popularised ambiguous young men and women by a popular instagram celebrity called Jaruma.

African chewing gum does not prevent pregnancy or harm your baby during pregnancy.

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