How many Goron tula should I take daily? How many Goron Tula can I eat in a day? Can I take Goron Tula Everyday?


A quick look into the benefits of Africa chewing gum – goron tula fruit.

1. Boost Libido

People experiencing lowered libido, as a result of stress or other health conditions, can try this great fruit.

2. Help in Lubrication And Tightening

The fruit has been recommended for Women who find it hard to reach orgasm and feel dry. It helps in lubrication, a research stated. It also helps you reduce laxity (if you are a woman, you understand what this means)

3. Address Chest pains

4. Treat Cough

5. Treat Infertility

6. Tackle Liver problems

7. Address Menstruation problems

8. Treats Sexually transmitted infections

9. Help prevent cancer

10. Lower Blood Sugar (for diabetics)

11. Help prevent High Blood Pressure.

It cleanses,detoxify and treats different kinds of sickness. It is natural and safe for both Men,Women and Children. It can also assist in improving bowel movement, ease digestion and improve the body immune system.

How does goron tula fruit work?

Most importantly, the antibacterial, antifungal, antihyperglycemic, antimalarial, antioxidant and iron absorption properties in the fruit have made it widely recommended for people who are trying to conceive. African chewing gum has nutritional value, medicinal properties and health benefits.

How many Goron tula should I take daily?
Dosage of goron tula (African Chewing gum)

How many Goron tula should I take daily?

How many Goron Tula can I eat in a day? Follow this directions for use. Take 2 goron tula fruit each night. Boil for 10 minutes and allow to cool down for a while. Take the seeds out and chew the fruit. Swallow the juice and throwaway the chaff. Goron tula is taken by mouth.

How to take goron tula fruit syrup for conception.

Here’s how to take your Goron Tula Syrup so as to enable you achieve a great result…Don’t take it once every 7 days or once every other day oh, daily intake ensures effective result…take it daily.

Can I take goron tula fruit syrup with alcohol?

Goron Tula syrup will not work if you take alcohol after taking the syrup. Please you people should the instructions on the bottle for those who has a bottle of the Goron Tula syrup with them currently please read the instructions.


How many Goron Tula can I eat in a day?

Follow below process to use your Goron Tula fruit/seeds🤗

✔️ Wash Goron Tula in clean cold water (the water you drink)

✔️ Open the fruit up and remove the seeds and wash the inner part to remove mould if it is there.

✔️ Pour drinking water into a kettle, place on fire and allow to boiling point.

✔️ Pour out the water into a bowl and add the pulp or flesh in the warm water. Cover and leave it for at least 10 minutes.

✔️ Remove the pulp and dry it. At this point the Goron Tula is ready for consumption.
You will notice that it has become slimy and soft. You chew the flesh of the fruit raw, after extracting the seed.

You can choose to take 2 pieces every day.

Make sure to live a generally healthy lifestyle by exercising, keeping your body hydrated and feeding more on raw foods instead of fried ones and many sugary foods.

Do not take too much of goron tula… moderation is key to avoid untoward side effects.

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