Sperm Booster drugs in Ghana + Low sperm count drug in Ghana.

Low sperm count, lifestyle factors, nutritional deficiency and certain infections are various factors that may cause or lead to watery semen.
If you are dealing with watery semen due to nutritional deficiency this can be of help.

•Take more of yoghurt and diary products, this is because they are rich in zinc and zinc plays a major role in healthy sperm production. You can only get zinc from the food you eat as the body doesn’t produce or store zinc.

•Include egg,meat and nuts in your diet.

•Stop smoking
•Cut on sugar and soda drinks
•Add fruits especially banana and vegetables in your diet.
•Put stress in it place. Get rested and drink loads of water.

– According to a study constant ejaculation i.e if someone masturbates or engages in sexual activity multiple times each day, can lead to semen becoming watery or thinner than usual as the body doesn’t get enough time to produce the same volume or quality of semen. This claim is still controversial.

So try to give yourself time to build.

In cases of persistent watery semen or discolored semen, see a medical doctor or urologist immediately, it might be a sign of an infection.

Sometimes, your doctor may decide to prescribe some drugs that will boost your sperm count and sperm production.


Sperm Booster drugs in Ghana + Low sperm count drug in Ghana.

1. Vitamins. Load up on your vitamins they help with production and motility (the way your sperm move). The most important vitamins are B12, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Selenium is also proven to improve low sperm count.

2. Imipramine

3. Anastrozole

4. Addyzoa (not FDA approved but a popular sperm booster medicine in Ghana)

5. Synthetic testosterone pills, injections, or gels – because of the fear of untowards side effects, testosterone side effects are not recommended.

6. Clomiphene citrate

7. Letrozole.

8. Gonadotrophins (hCG and hMG) stimulate the testes to produce testosterone and sperm.

9. Bromocriptine.

10. Addyzoa Capsules good for treatment of azoospermia in males.

Sperm Booster drugs in Ghana + Low sperm count drug in Ghana.
Anastrazole, boost sperm and treats low sperm count.

How do sperm booster drugs work?

1. Stimulate hormone production eg.testosterone production.

2. Increase semen production.

3. Regulate blood sugar…a controlled blood sugar is vital for sperm production.

4. Increase libido.

PS: Sperm doesn’t thrive in heat. Keep Them Cool. It’s important to keep your testicles cool always. Heat can damage sperm production and cause low sperm count.This means avoid putting laptops on your laps, saunas/steam rooms & avoid tight clothing. Your testicles need to breathe & stay cool.

CAVEAT: These drugs here most be prescribed only by a doctor…don’t abuse them.


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