Vaseline and toothpaste for bigger breast…

Having large breasts has now become a Vogue thing for many ladies who will stop at nothing to see it become a reality using anything rumoured to be effective.

The most recent of them is the much talked about use of Vaseline and toothpaste for breast enlargement. It is believed that a blend of Vaseline and toothpaste applies in a circular manner around the breasts help to make them larger in no time…

I have seen many ladies who have fallen for this obvious lie trying to use Vaseline and toothpaste or even banana to achieve big breasts…I was shocked.

The truth is Vaseline and toothpaste or olive oil or banana does not give be bigger buttocks please. It is a waste of time, money and resources. There is simply no scientific basis for this claim please. It is one of the old wives tales that will forever remain a story…not science.

Having big breasts has a lot to do with your genetic makeup and even your family history. If your mother, aunties, or grandmother especially from your maternal side have large breasts, then you chances of having same are very high.

Vaseline and toothpaste for bigger breast
If you want something like this, Vaseline and toothpaste will fail you…surgery is your surest bet.

Your diet and body weight also determines alot about your breast size…a plomp, large size lady will not have small breasts you know.

You natural nature endowed breasts is probably just enough for you. They are sufficient for the other room activities and for breast feeding.

Having too large a breasts have its own impact on your body and even mental health. I guess nobody have told you about the persistent back pain, shoulder pains, chest pains, recurrent fungal skin infection, and the heaviness. Ladies with excessive amount of breast tissue also suffer from psychological trauma…it is not easy. Why not appreciate what you have.

Now, of you are truly not satisfied with the size of your breasts especially if they are too small, your best bet is breast enlargement surgery. You need to see a certified Plastic Surgeon to help surgically improve the size of your breasts for the bigger….your doctor will discuss the risks and possible complications associated with this kind of surgery.

Meanwhile, it is important for me to remind you that Vaseline and toothpaste will not make those breasts bigger as claimed…

I hope this is clear enough?

Thank you and share your thoughts on the comments section.


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