Is scent leaf good for babies? Scent leaf for infant jedi jedi.

Scent leaf and scent leaf juice have numerous health benefits and it should however be used with moderation in children especially in child less than one year…infants i mean.

Health benefits of scent leaf in children

1. scent leaf cure cough: just take some leaf , wash and squeeze out the juice, add hot water and drink or gave your kid above 2yrs to drink.

2. It can also help in management of pile called jedi jedi in Yoruba language. Crush the leaves to make a paste and place on the anus when it comes out.

Is scent leaf good for babies?
The benefits of scent leaves in babies

Mix a native soap with ground potash, add lime orange. Apply the mixture after bath.

Get a mixture of limejuice and honey; let it be of equal quantity. The child should take one teaspoon twice daily until the problem is over.

5. Constipation…is your child passing had stools or having difficulty passing stool? No issue, squeeze scent leave and give your baby some amount to drink….you can also squeeze some in the anus…your baby will stool almost immediately. Scent leaf is also a stool softener in babies as it contains a lot of fibres.

6. Apart from the medicinal properties , scent leaf also have nutritional value. A meal with sprinkles of scent leaf is not bad for infants that have started eating family meal.

Now to your question: Is scent leaf safe in babies? Yes it is good for babies if given to them with extreme moderation. You can add scent leaf to foods that baby will eat but this will be with permission from the pediatrician. Many mothers whose baby’s have jedi jedi use scent leaf to rub the babies anus or apply scent leaf paste on the child’s anus..the pile will go back in (as claimed). You wont say scent leaf is not beneficial to babies but the issue is many parents abuse the benefits of scent leaves in babies. They end up giving the child an overdose of the scent leaf juice or preparation leading to untoward side effects like jaundice , vomiting , kidney failure and liver failure.


SCENT leaves can be used for children above one year but also be used for jedi jedi in babies or infants. However, the excessive use of scent leaf in babies can be inimical. It can cause jaundice in babies , liver damage, kidney damage, and vomiting. Use scent leaves babies with care.

CAVEAT: The benefits of efinrin leaves in babies stated here are not backed up by research (science), so take your baby to the hospital to see a doctor if you notice any of these symptoms in them … This article was written to encourage discussion on the use of scent leaf in babies and NOT to be confused to mean treatment protocols for children’s diseases.


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