Fearless Energy drink Review – A Must Read!

“Fearless needs to change the bottle because it looks like engine oil”

Come and learn.

In time past, the energy drink industry has always been dominated by the “Foreign Big Boys”. Suddenly, a young Nigerian brand took over almost 80% of the market and it has become a huge threat to the foreign competing brands.

Fearless Energy drink Review
Fearless Energy drink Review.

This is a great concern to them just as it should be.

Imagine a locally made product pulling such great numbers as against brands who are ‘expected’ to be the leaders in the industry all because they are ‘FOREIGN PRODUCERS’.

Of course, this is something to worry about and this is why they push the narrative that the bottle is ugly.

Sadly, most Nigerians are still under mental slavery but they don’t know.

If I ask you, “tell me why you think the bottle is ugly?”

Most of you wouldn’t have anything to say. It is quite clear that you acknowledged this narrative because the product is not a foreign brand.

Take a look at the bottle designs of some Internationally recognized energy drinks.

These are drinks that have not been criticized or compared to Engine oil. Instead, they have been globally honored.

Nobody will criticize it because it is not produced in Nigeria.

Fearless energy drink
Foreign energy drinks in Nigerian market

Besides, the so called “industry big boys” who pushed this ‘ugly bottle’ narrative that have now registered in the mindset of gullible Nigerians have copied the Fearless Energy Bottle designs.

Most of them who used to produce in cans have now switched/manufacture (to) PET Bottle

There is this pretender drink that looks like Fearless Energy Drink but it is NOT.

There is another one that sounds like Commando.

These are COPIED version of the original product which is FEARLESS ENERGY DRINK.

Guess what?
They are produced by these foreign big boys.

They are intentionally pushing this narrative so as to sway you from patronizing the brand.
The brand that belongs to you!

We complain that Nigeria is not producing anything. Meanwhile, we have indigenous products but we don’t patronize them, we’d prefer the foreign ones. How then can we grow our economy.

Because, the foreign producers have portrayed our own brands in Nigeria as inferior and we accepted it.

Fearless Energy drink is our pride and we should be honoured that it is leading the market ahead of the foreign competitors.

Nothing is wrong with the bottle! It is beautiful and perfect.

Besides, there are two variants, if you don’t prefer the first one because you have a problem with the opaqueness, then, buy the transparent one which is Fearless Red Berry.

Fearless is our Nigerian brand!

Let’s patronize it!

Let’s Support it!

Do not be deceived!

It has come to stay FOREVER!

Culled by www.nimedhealth.com.ng from @omokehinde___


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