Can bitter leaf increase sperm count? Does bitter leaf boost male fertility?

In Nigeria Bitter leaf has various local names, the Igbos call it Onugbu, Yorubas call it Ewuro and the Hausas call it Shiwaka. Perhaps the most distinctive part of the Bitter-leaf plant is its bitterness.Every part of the plant is bitter: the leaves, stems, root, and bark.

Have you tried drinking bitter leaf juice sometime ? It’s scary and disgusting for some because of its strong bitter taste but if you go deep into it’s medicinal value you won’t ever shy away from a drink or adding it as a regular vegetable to your cookings.

Bitter leaf is probably the second commonest vegetable in Nigeria after ugu leaf.. for centuries it has found other medicinal uses and health benefits. Yes one of its commonest health benefits especially among men is to boost fertility and libido…..

Can bitter leaf increase sperm count?
Can bitter leaf increase sperm count?

Yes….it is true…in men, bitter leaf actually help to increase sperm count by boosting sperm production…Bitter leaf also contain special chemicals that helps improve libido in men and also in women…Bitter leaf is really an important herb. Even in women, it helps to to boost ovulation and increases the chances of conception in women trying to conceive.


Bitter leaf is good for weak erection and watery sperm ( squeeze for drinking ) 1 tube glass in the morning , afternoon and evening .


1. Fertility
The presence of a compound called Edotides which helps in hormonal balancing, bitter leaf, a balance hormone increase your chances of getting pregnant.
2. Prostrate Cancer
Juice from bitter leaf contains a compound called Flamonoids which is great in the combat against prostrate Cancer.
3. Blood Pressure
Bitter leaf contains a high amount of potassium and andrographolide which helps in lowering blood levels and prevents hypertension.
4. Detoxification
The juice from bitter leaf is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals that not just helps detoxify the body but also boost our immune system, also it prevents kidney and liver problems.
5. Weight Loss
Bitter leaf juice helps reduces excess calories in the body and also eliminates bad fat which are also call bad cholesterol, these along with its fibre contents helps in weight loss.

In summary, bitter leaf is very good for male fertility, it helps increase sperm count in men with low sperm count (azoospermia and oligospermia), boost libido, thicken watery sperm, and improves erection.

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