Ogirisi health benefits: Can Ogirisi leaf be used to treat infection?

Health benefits of ogirisi leaves

1. Ovulation and conception.

Pregnancy is impossible without ovulation.
Most women who are trying to conceive don’t ovulate.

It’s possible not to ovulate,but you see your period.

It’s called Anovulatory cycle.

Today, I am talking about 2 fertility leaves known as

1.EWE AKOKO (in yoruba) OGIRISI (in igbo) ADURUKU (in hausa)

2. EWE IYEYE (yoruba) HUG PLUM LEAF. (English) Ngulungu in (Igbo) Isada in (Hausa)


Get the two leaves, cook it for 5 to mins with ordinary clean water.

How to take the combo…DOSAGE

Take a full glass cup twice daily morning/night. A day after your menstruation for days. It will help you to boost your ovulation and increase your chances of conception.


Dry stem and bark of newbouldia, grind to powder and ginger powder. Pour your hot water in a cup of tea and add 1tbsp of dried newbouldia stem and bark and half tbsp of ginger powder. Leave it for, 20mins and drink.

One cup in the morning and at night for 30days.
This leaf is a high-quality and strong herb, that women employ to cure all female genital ailments, besides it helps to keep reproductive organs in good condition, it also helps maintain the right flora of the vagina.

Ogirisi leaf helps allebiate problems with high prolactin and galactorrhoea

*How do we use ogirisi leaf for fertility and dosage*

1) The fresh leaves can be washed and cooked with water .this can be taking 3 times a day.

2) Boil the fresh leaves with water, allow it to settle for 24 hours, get original natural wild honey mix it with the cook leave water extract .

Drink a full cup two times a day. Notice this kind of mixture can make you purge some times. If this happens, reduce the quantity.

3) Grind the bark stem of fertility plant with ginger together mix well and take a full table spoon of it for 15 days, starting from the day finish your menstruation period.

Can Ogirisi leaf be used to treat infection?
Can Ogirisi leaf be used to treat toilet infection?


Can Ogirisi leaf be used to treat infection?

As you can see above that many persons believe ogirisi leaf can be used to treat toilet infection. But this is not true…Ogirisi has no antibacterial or antifungal property and therefore cannot be effectively used in the cure of vaginal infections in women. It is however useful in boosting ovulation , increasing a woman’s chances of conception and regulating menstruation.



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