Bagaruwa and fertility: Does bagaruwa boost fertility?

An ardent fan of want to know if bagaruwa called acacia in English boosts fertility and also helps women trying to conceive.

From my mailbox

Dear Nimedhealth,

I am a woman of 28 years. I and my hubby have been battling infertility for almost 4 years now. I have done a sorts of tests and then all forms of fertility medications with no success. I was recently told by a friend that the water of bagaruwa helps boost fertility in women…it is said that bagaruwa water helps boost ovulation and regulates the menstrual cycle. In men, it is believed that bagaruwa helps improves libido and treats erectile dysfunction plus boosting sperm count and sperm production.

How true is this? Does bagaruwa boost fertility?

Aishatu from Jigawa…

Bagaruwa and fertility: Does bagaruwa boost fertility?
Bagaruwa is believed to help boost fertility

My reply:

Hello Aishatu,

Bagaruwa is a plant that is believed to possess many feminine health benefits especially in boosting fertility and increasing the chances of a woman getting pregnant when she consumes the seed or drink bagaruwa water. Many women who use bagaruwa have many testimonies about the wonders of the plant…Many persons use it as ovulation booster and libido enhancer. Bagaruwa was also used by our foremothers to treat infections and fertility booster. So aishatu , medically, this claims of the benefits of bagaruwa have not been tested but people use it anyway and they claim it works for them.

Since you said you are trying to conceive I will advice you try the following scientific solutions to your infertility issues.

According to live science, these 10 tips will help you conceive quickly:

*Record menstrual cycle frequency.
*Monitor ovulation.
*Have sex every other day during the fertile window. …
*Strive for a healthy body weight.
*Take a prenatal vitamin like Folic acid and Vitamin B
*Eat healthy foods.
*Cut back on strenuous workouts.
*Be aware of age-related fertility declines.
*Stop smoking and drinking alcohol
*See a medical doctor especially a gynaecologist to discuss your fertility challenges.


1. SOY
Soy contains a compound very similar to estrogen which can cause estrogen levels to be too high and can negatively affect fertility.

it’s a good idea to limit your alcohol intake to one or two servings of alcohol while trying to conceive.

Consuming refined sugar, such as high fructose corn syrup, can cause blood sugar spikes which can negatively affect the reproductive system as well as the rest of the body.

Eliminating saturated fats from the diet is important for general health; however, it’s extremely important to avoid eating saturated fats when trying to conceive because they cause oestrogen or too high of estrogen levels, which can cause infertility.

Eat healthy and exercise to ease your conception.

Thank you and I hope this helps.

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