Can an ulcer patient drink maltina or any malt drink at all?

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Dear Nimedhealth,

Good morning. I am a stomach ulcer patient. I was recently admitted in the hospital for worsening ulcer pains and I was on admission for one week….I was so sick to the extent that I was stooling and vomiting blood …I had close to 7 pints of blood on admission… It was not easy. I never knew ulcer could be so deadly. Thank God I am better now and I have been discharged. Now that I have been discharged, please I want to know the diet plan for ulcer patients, what I can eat and what I cannot eat…I am more interested in what I can drink ….can an ulcer patient drink carbonated drinks like coke , fanta , sprite, Pepsi, 7up, malt (Maltina, Amstel malt, guiness malt, beta malt). Does drinking malt worsen ulcer pains.

Thank you…Temitope from Lagos, Nigeria.

Can an ulcer patient drink maltina or any malt drink at all?
Can an ulcer Patient drink malt ?

My reply….

Hello Temitope,

Thank you. I will love to answer your question with this story..

I met a young man ten months ago at the hospital whom we shall refer to as “Uncle”. He claimed to have been treating ulcer but kept having relapses. After proper consultation, I realized that every counsel with regards to lifestyle modification given to this “uncle” by other physicians who had treated him earlier was discarded as he felt the cure was solely dependent on the expensive drugs he bought.
To cut the long story short, Uncle smokes and steps it down with lots of carbonated drinks like coke fanta, maltina and other malt drinks, he claimed that he was not really a foodie🙄. It was a jaw dropping experience but he was advised against all of these and it indeed gave us the expected outcome👍🙂.

Find below some tips to improve ulcer management
• Avoid alcohol, coffee, caffeinated soda, fatty foods, chocolate, and spicy foods and late night snacks.
• Avoid skipping meals and eating meals high in fat.
• Reduce your stress level as it has been discovered that stress worsens digestion.
• Avoid pain relievers especially NSAIDS such as diclofenac, ibuprofen, Advil, naproxen or others like Aspirin.
• Smoking cigarettes and Shushan or marijuana makes ulcers harder to heal and can cause bleeding.
• Skipping meals or eating meals that are high in fat worsens peptic ulcer disease.

Please treat your ulcer promptly. A long standing stomach ulcer can turn cancer.

I hope I have been able to answer your questions. This topic is open to discussion.

Read more of stomach ulcer and the Nigerian diet here.

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