Zobo drink and Diabetes: Is Zobo drink good for diabetics?

Hello faithful readers of nimedhealth, today, I will be looking at the possible benefits of natural zobo drink in lowering blood sugar in persons living with diabetes. The question is: is zobo really good for diabetics?


Zobo drink is a very popular northern Nigeria drink that has now gained popularity across the whole country…it is prepared with different recipes and ingredients. Some persons add garlic , ginger and sugar to the drink…Many vendors of zobo add good amount of sugar to zobo drink to give it its sweet taste.

Zobo drink and Diabetes: Is Zobo drink good for diabetics?
Zobo drink and Diabetes: Is Zobo drink good for diabetics? Yes, but without sugar

Zobo has many health benefits- an appetizer, boosts immune system, reduce blood pressure, lowers blood cholesterol, a refreshment drink, reduce oxidative stress, good for the eyes among so many other benefits not listed here.

Now, some persons have been asking me if diabetics can take zobo drink ….My answer is YES provided it was prepared naturally with no hidden or special additives like sugar and saccharin. Naturally Zobo without sugar is very good for diabetics , it lowers blood sugar and also lowers blood pressure and decreases cholesterol level in the blood. Persons living with diabetes mellitus are free to consume zobo drink as far as it does not contain sugar…

Some endocrinologists however, think zobo for diabetics, should contain very little sugar for taste. I will say this advice is for diabetics that are compliant their anti-diabetic drugs with well controlled blood sugar . If you know that your blood sugar is neither here no there in terms of good glycemic control, you can take zobo drink but should be without sugar I beg you. Diabetics can enjoy cold or chilled zobo without sugar or saccharin…instead of sugar they can add ginger or mix it with kunun or tiger nut juice for taste.

In summary, zobo drink can be consumed by diabetics but this should be without sugar or any addictive , not even saccharin or honey. Natural and unadulterated Zobo drink has been found to contain numerous health benefits to persons living with diabetes….Zobo is rich is vitamin A, C, iron and Folic acid, and also has glucose lowering and blood pressure lowering property that many persons including diabetics will fully benefit from…Zobo boosts the immune system in diabetics. Are you a diabetic? Enjoy zobo without sugar or honey or saccharin!

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