List of 6 Important Vehicle/Car Documents in Nigeria that FRSC,LASTMA,VIO, and the Police requests for. A review of the 6 important car particulars in Nigeria. FRSC vehicle requirements.

A client called me today when she was stopped by the FRSC. A lot of people don’t know the exact documents they need to have in their vehicles so I’ll be sharing 6 IMPORTANT CAR DOCUMENTS that FRSC/LASTMA/VIO/Police looks out for.

List of 6 Important Vehicle/Car Documents in Nigeria (FRSC,LASTMA,VIO,Police)
List of 6 Important Vehicle/Car Documents in Nigeria (FRSC,LASTMA,VIO,Police)

1. Driver’s licence

The first and the most obvious one is your drivers license . This is the first thing they ask for once they stop any driver on the road. Do you have a driver license? Is it expired? Make sure your driver license is up to date.

Car documents in Nigeria
Driver’s licence is one if the most important documents requested by the FRSC/Police/LASTMA etc

2. Proof of Ownership/Change of Ownership

You need a valid proof of ownership, it is given among your car registration papers given to you at the Vehicle Inspection Office. Make sure you have this document after purchasing your car. If you bought the car Nigerian used, you need a photocopy of change of ownership form.

Proof of vehicle Ownership is one of the car papers requested by the FRSC or Police in Nigeria
Always carry with you a proof of change of car ownership….a very important car particulars in Nigeria

3. Certificate of car insurance

You need your insurance certificate. This is just 5k and can be gotten be the licensing office or you can go direct to NICON insurance to get yours done. I heard it’s 10k fine, if they catch you without this document.

P.S: I advise you get comprehensive insurance for your cars.

List of car documents in Nigeria
Do you have insurance cover for your car? FRSC requests for it

4. Certificate of Road Worthiness

You also need a “Certificate of Road Worthiness” to avoid being hassled by VIO and other traffic officials. Its the document that says your car is fit to be on the road for a certain period of time. Its renewable annually so make sure yours isn’t expired. It looks just like this.

A vital car document requested by LASTMA , VIO, and FRSC – certificate of Road Worthiness

5. Vehicle Licence or Registration

You need the Vehicle license or registration. This is to prove that the vehicle is registered under the Nigerian law. This needs to be renewed annually so make sure yours hasn’t expired yet before they use as fresh fish.

Requested car particulars in Nigeria _ vehicle registration

6. Hackney Permit

The last but not least is the hackney permit (this applies to only commercial vehicles), it should be given to you at the point of registering your vehicle.

Other optional but important documents include learners permit and tint permit

As some people have rightly pointed out, not only do you need these documents, you also need to have fire extinguisher, a good spare tyre and car Jack in your car also. They check for them too.

PS: A healthy road tells a lot about the general health of the nation.

Written by Chichi Arinze, an autogirl and a FRSC official.

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