Injections to increase buttock size in Ghana’ buttock augmentation in Ghana

It is now a common knowledge to see many ladies from Ghana going for sculptra injections and even hormone shots because they want to grow or increase the size of their buttocks or even hips. Some even go for silicone or hydrogel buttocks injections without considering the associated risks or dangers….

Buttocks injection fillers and injectables like silicone and collagen are not FDA-approved to enhance the buttock size or shape and are linked to serious consequences, like severe pain, permanent disfigurement, and death. Right now there is no FDA approved buttock injections since they cannot guaranty the safety of these medicines.

Injections to increase buttock size in Ghana
Injections to increase buttock size in Ghana

Let me quickly update you with the possible dangers or side effects of taking buttocks injections.

1. Death

If this product is injected into blood vessels, it can travel to the heart and lungs, causing death.

2. Infections

The product isn’t sterile and both the product and the unsterile injection can cause life-threatening or fatal infections.

3. Granuloma formation

The materials are soft and don’t stay in a single location, leading to hard lumps called granulomas.

4. Gluteal Abscess

Most of the buttocks injections are administered into the muscles or under the skin in the gluteus and this can cause gluteal abscess. An intramuscular gluteal abscess is an intramuscular soft tissue lesion of the gluteal region characterized by inflammation and the collection of pus, often at the site of intramuscular injections.

5. It is not permanent

Yes, dermal buttock fillers like sculptra work in augmenting the size of the buttocks but it will fade away in a matter of weeks to months.

The downside is that dermal fillers such as sculptra wear off after several months. You’ll likely have to get new injections at least once a year to help maintain the results. The results themselves also won’t be as voluminous compared with buttock implant surgery or Brazilian buttocks lift (BBL).

Still want to enhance your buttocks after educating you on the above side effects?


Safer alternatives to buttock Injections:

Fat transfer (Brazilian buttock lift)

Brazilian buttock lifts are better known as “fat transfer” with grafting. With a fat transfer procedure, your provider takes fat from your stomach area and then surgically adds it to your buttocks to create the “lifting” effect you’re looking for. In some cases, your surgeon may recommend a Brazilian buttock lift in conjunction with silicone implants.

Silicone implants

Silicone implants are commonly used in breast augmentation procedures, but they can be used for buttock augmentation, too. These are different than silicone injectables, which are (dangerously) shot into your skin. Silicone implants are inserted into each buttock through incisions that your surgeon makes. You’ll experience significant volume that should last for years to come.




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