Does apetamin increase belly fat?

Your sincerely, will someday look into the possibility of apetamin -a popular appetizer having the ability to increase belly fat.

The answer to the question is yes. Apetamin is an appetizer that is popular especially among the ladies used to increase body weight and perhaps become fat.

Apetamin is used by skinny persons who want  to gain some weight…

Apetamin contains cyproheptadine, an antihistamine primarily used to treat allergies but later found to stimulate appetite and desire for food…. apetamin does not necessarily increase fat, what it does is to make you eat more. Once you eat more often than usual, be rest assured that you will become fat.

Does apetamin increase belly fat?
Does apetamin increase belly fat? The answer is yes.

Once you take apetamin for long, your belly fat will increase and you see yourself having big tummy. Infact, every part of your body will increase in size including your breast, buttocks, and hips. The best way to  to avoid having a big belly from apetamin is to constantly do abdominal exercises while on apetamin.

Apetamin help to enhance your appetite and slows down metabolism, it makes you eat more and thus you gain weight efficiently and naturally.

Is there any side effects?

Yes there are. There are two major side effects that any body that have taken the will tell you.

Drowsiness – Many individuals will experience tiredness and sleepiness. I would recommend taking the syrup on weekends for the first time, it can possibly interfere with your sleep cycle and daily routine.

Hunger – Nothing to worry about this, that’s the only reason you’re taking this syrup. The reason you crave for food so much.

However, these effects last only a couple of days of it’s initial use and then your body gets used to it.

I hope this is clear enough.

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