Does apetamin increase hips? Have you tried apetamin for hip enlargement and buttocks enlargement before?

If yes, please share your experiences with…

Well, let me educate you on apetamin and whether it has the ability to make your butt size bigger and enlarge your hip size.

Well, it contains cyproheptadine, a chemical substance reputed for increasing the appetite of individuals for food. Since apetamin makes you eat more, the likelihood of you becoming fat is high…the fat is generalized and not restricted to one part of your body. So we can comfortably say, apetamin has the ability to make you buttocks and hips bigger even breasts.


STOP taking Apetamin(Cyproheptadine) to get high!

The “highness” you feel is mood changes, excitability and mental confusion.

It is true that apetamin can cause weight gain through appetite stimulation, and invariably increase your buttocks size or cause hip enlargement. You will lose it once you stop taking it.

Stop indiscriminate use of drugs!

Apetamin(and similar products) is marketed as an appetite stimulant and hence cause weight gain, the active component is cyproheptadine which is traditionally an antihistamine used to treat allergies.

Other ingredients in Apetamin are vitamins and Amino acid Lysine.

Cyproheptadine originally used for allergies has appetite stimulation as one of its side effects and that use has not been approved in most countries.

Does apetamin increase hips and buttocks?
Does apetamin increase hips and buttocks? Yes since it stimulates appetite for food and weight gain.

It also has antiserotoninergic effect which causes the confusion and excitability, this effect may also make it addictive.

Other side effects include: sleepiness/dizziness which can cause attention loss and accidents, tremors, blurred vision, liver toxicity and failure (in high doses).

Serious side effects are little or no urination, fast heartbeat, and hallucination.

It is dangerous at high dose.

The molecule also interact with alcohol dangerously.

If you’re looking to gain weight, speak to your healthcare provider or a dietitian so they can develop a safe and effective plan.

Stop indiscriminate use of drugs.


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