Side Effects & Health Benefits of Ewedu (Jute leaf), Nutritional value of Ewedu.

On today’s session the vegetable, my Yoruba peeps are used to it, it goes so well with Amala.

This vegetable 🌶 added to gbegiri for me alongside Amala with orishirishi assorted meat and ogufe is heaven 😁😁 the vegetable is EWEDU (JUTE LEAF).

Ewedu leaf in Igbo: ahinghara

Ewedu in Hausa: Rama or Ayoyo

Botanical name of Ewedu: Corchorus olitorius

As usual we go to it’s health benefits,we need to know what we get from Ewedu.

Health benefits of Ewedu

1. Promotes eye health: Regular consumption of jute leaves can help in slowing the onset of some eye diseases including age-related muscular degeneration.

2. Jute leaves are rich in antioxidants
The antioxidants in these leaves can also help to improve vision and fertility.

Side Effects & Health Benefit of Ewedu (Jute leaf)
Ewedu leaf and a delicious Ewedu soup with Amala.

3. Fights off Colds and Flu: Vitamin C which is abundant in jute leaves is essential in helping the immune system ward off colds and viruses.

4. In addition to fighting colds, vitamin C can also keep you from suffering further complications like lung infections and pneumonia

5. Improve digestion : By regularly eating jute leaves, you can avoid constipation, bulk up stool and speed up digestion. Having a fibre-rich diet also helps to increase the uptake efficiency of nutrients and it reduces symptoms like cramping and gas.

6.Treats inflammation: By eating jute leaves regularly, you can prevent inflammation.

7. Ewedu Promotes weight loss: Due to it’s high fiber content it keeps you full for long and in turn regulates food consumption and weight.

8. It helps reduce chances of cardiovascular diseases.

9. Improves sleeping patterns: Jute leaves contains Magnesium, Magnesium aids in the release of hormones that relax and soothe the nerves. By increasing the magnesium intake, you can improve your sleep quality for restful and uninterrupted sleeping patterns

10. Supports cell growth and skin health: eating them regularly can help prevent various skin conditions like poor complexion, acne, lines and wrinkles keeping your skin looking young and healthy.

11. The Vitamin A content in jute leaves also helps to promote healthy healthy hair growth.

12. Maintains healthy teeth and gums:The benefits of eating jute leaves extend to the teeth and gums. They contain calcium which helps in keeping the jaw bone strong and robust. A healthy jaw bone keeps your teeth tightly fit and makes it harder for bad bacteria to grow.

13. Improves restless leg syndrome:
This condition is usually caused by iron deficiency. Because jute leaves are rich in iron, eating them regularly can help to improve the condition. Eating jute leaves can also help to curb muscle spasms which are also considered to be caused by lack of calcium.

14. Benefits of Ewedu for babies: Pregnant women are encouraged to consume Ewedu soup. Ewedu is rich in folate/folic acid which helps to prevent congenital defects like spinal bifida in unborn babies..Children from 1 year and above can also consume Ewedu because it helps for their overall growth and development.

15. Ewedu leaf and ovulation: Eating Ewedu is believed to help boost ovulation, promotes lactation, regulates menstrual cycle, promotes fertility and increases a woman’s chances of getting pregnant.

16. Ewedu and fertility: As stated above, eating Ewedu helps to boost fertility and increases libido.

17. Can Ewedu cure cancer? Well, since Ewedu contains a lot of fibres, be rest assured that it can prevent colon cancer. Vegetables generally are anti-cancer.

Side Effects of Ewedu leaf

No side effects have been reported yet for Ewedu… However watch out for possible gastrointestinal side effects like nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, allergy. Can Ewedu be taken raw? I don’t advice it.. Taking raw Ewedu can have some deleterious side effects. Eat cooked.

💥💥💥💥💥 Two other thing 💥💥💥💥

Drinking raw ewedu at 37 weeks pregnant… What is the aim…?

A pregnant woman is expected to deliver between 37 – 40 weeks. There is a folktale that encourage women to drink raw Ewedu when their due date is near (at 37 weeks) for ease of vaginal delivery and to prevent cesarean section. Be informed today that this is very untrue. Drinking raw Ewedu does not prevent difficult labour neither does it prevent CS. Ewedu does not make labour easy. It does not relieve labour pains.

Does ewedu juice induce labor?

No. Ewedu has no effect whatsoever on labour.

Sourced from Dr Udomoh & Becca.


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