Is ewedu good for high blood pressure?

Before I answer this question… Let me quickly shed some light on hypertension.


1.) More than 70% of the patients see on a daily have HYPERTENSION.
Most of them didn’t even know, they actually came for other reasons such as medical examination for employment & it was diagnosed.

2.) Hypertension, RARELY has noticeable symptoms. But if untreated, it increases your RISK of serious problems such as Heart attacks, Heart failure, Strokes, Vision loss, Sexual Dysfunction & Kidney failure.

3.) The only way to know is to check your blood pressure regularly.

Black people like Africans & Afro-Americans have a higher risk of having high BP. *In Nigeria alone, there are more than 1.6 million cases a year.

4.) #Disclaimers : Having a High blood pressure on one reading isn’t a confirmation of hypertension.

Your Health care provider will likely take 3 – 4 BP readings each at 3 or more separate appointments before diagnosing you with Hypertension.

This is cos BP normally varies throughout the day, & it may be elevated during visits to the Hospital (WHITE COAT HYPERTENSION because the HCP wears white coat).

#LABORATORY_TESTS done for hypertension?

These include urinalysis, blood cell count, blood chemistry (potassium, sodium, total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol), and an Electrocardiogram.

5.) There are 2 MAIN types of Hypertension :

*PRIMARY HYPERTENSION : Has no known cause but may be linked to family genes, lack of exercise, bad diet, etc.

*SECONDARY HYPERTENSION : Due to known causes like kidney disease, thyroid problems, etc.

6.) Here are 5 important symptoms of high BP you shouldn’t forget; HEADACHE, Nosebleeds, DIZZINESS, CHEST PAIN, Shortness of breath

A good number of people with high BP have No SYMPTOMS, except They develop Complications.
So don’t wait until you have these

7.) What things can INCREASE your RISK of having High BP?

Being above 65 years, Stress, Black people, Overweight or Obese, Family History, Lack of Exercise, Smoking, Alcohol abuse, Eating too much salt and Kidney disease.

8.) WHAT TO DO ?

If you’re 20 – 30 years with no history of hypertension, check your BP at least once every 2 years.

If you’re 40 years & above or you’re 18-39 years with a high risk of hypertension, check your BP at least once every year.

9.) WHAT TO DO if you ALREADY have High BP

– Eat foods with less salt, more fruits & veggies
– Exercise often
– Have enough sleep
– Take your BP drugs
– Don’t smoke
– Reduce stress
– Limit alcohol
– Have a home BP monitor
– Check your BP often

10.) What to do to reduce your chances of having high BP

– Bring your weight within normal range
– Stop smoking & Reduce alcohol intake
– Eat plenty of fruits & vegetables
– Stop Over Thinking
– Exercise often


Taking about treatment of high blood pressure, some persons especially Africans are of the opinion that herbs like bitter leaf, scent leaf, bitter kola, Ewedu (jute leaf) and other herbs can help lower blood pressure. For this purpose of this article, I am singling out Ewedu, a yoruba name for jute leaf. Ewedu is used by the Yoruba people to make soup. It is believed to be medicinal and cures all forms of ailments including hypertension… This question now is:

Is ewedu good for high blood pressure?

Well, many articles I have read have ascribed to Ewedu leaf the ability to “stabilize”, regulate or reduce blood pressure. However, there is no form of empirical evidence or scientific research to support this claim. Whether Ewedu has any effect on blood pressure cannot therefore be fully ascertained.

Is ewedu good for high blood pressure?
Rich ewedu soup with amala. Can Ewedu cure high blood pressure?

PS: Take no chances, there are many antihypertensives out there that effectively control blood pressure… see a doctor to get a prescription… Stop shopping for herbs that can cure high blood pressure. You may not find any.


Dr Udomoh

Chief Pharmacist


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