Yoruba herbs for Malaria – Agbo iba ATI typhoid

Are you having malaria fever? Have you been diagnosed of typhoid? Do you want to use herbs to get rid of your malaria and well as typhoid fever? Do want want to know the malaria herbs to use…. The you need to closely read this article written by the NARL Specialist Clinic; Centre for Research & Development of Phytomedicines.

Yoruba herbs for Malaria - Agbo iba ATI typhoid
Yoruba herbs for Malaria – Agbo iba ATI typhoid

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“In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic and the observation that antimalarial drugs and antimalarial herbal mixtures are showing promising potentials in alleviating the symptoms of infection, #NARL has decided to make her antimalaria and even typhoid mixture public.

To prepare 2 litres decoction.
You will need about a HANDFUL (~200mg) each of FRESH leaves of..
(Anacardium occidentales)
(Mangifera indica)
(Morinda lucida)
(Azadiracta indica)
(Terminalia catappa)
Citrus aurantifolia
Ọsàn wẹ́wẹ́
👉Wash ALL the leaves with clean drinking water. (It’s adviceable to wash at least twice)
👉Cut the lime in halves or quarters.
👉Put the fresh and dry leaves in a pot. (do not add the lime yet)
👉 Bring to boil, Turn off flame as soon as it begins to boil. DO NOT LET IT BOIL BRISKLY.
👉Add the cut lime to decoction, stir in with a wooden laddle and cover for about 3 min.
👉Decant and enjoy you tea.

This preparation is best taken WARM for best results.
You may also cover your face in the steam with a blanket for the essential oil inhalation therapy.

👉Adults: >= 350mls three times a day
👉Children (below 5 years): 150mls but not more than 200mls thrice daily
👉Above 5 years: 200mls and not more than 250mls thrice daily
👉Above 12 years – not more than 400mls thrice daily.
👉16years and above (can use Adult’s dose).

Please not that it is essential to eat before using this tea as it has been observed to have mild hypoglycemic effect.
Ensure adequate rehydration, as you may observe a higher level of thirst (possibly die to it hypoglycemic properties) when using this tea.
It is best prepared fresh.
Do not reuse leaves after first extraction.
Keep refrigerated.


Please note that #NARL #agbo #iba dietary supplement, IS NOT A #CURE for #covid19, thus generally recommended behavioral precautions and adjustments should be responsibly adhered to in addition to dietary adjustments.”

Sourced from the NARL Specialist Clinic; Centre for Research & Development of Phytomedicines


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