What is the (side) effect of bitter kola on sperm count and fertility?

I have seen articles on “how to use bitter kola to last longer” in bed and “how to use bitter kola to increase sperm count”. Bit is this really true? Read this article 👇

What is the (side) effect of bitter kola on sperm count and fertility
The effect of bitter kola in sperm count and sperm quality

Good morning. Today I bring to you this popular popular edible seed called BITTER KOLA and it affects fertility and sperm count.. But first what are the its health benefits?

Let’s see it’s health benefits

1. It helps regulate blood sugar level by reducing and normalizing it

2. It’s seed,stem and bark are used for the treatment of fever

3. It helps clear the throat by boosting mucus production along the vocal tube lining.

4. It is an effective antidote for food poison

5. It helps detoxify the body system

6. It helps keep away snakes from the surrounding

7. It helps neutralize snake poison

9. It helps reduce inflammation thereby preventing cancer.

10. It serves as a good pain reliever

11. It helps boost the immune system

12. It helps reduce eye pressure which cause glaucoma

13. It is good for the bone health and helps prevent osteoarthritis

14. It helps clear sore throat and throat hoarseness.

15. It helps relieve coughing

16. It is good for the respiratory health

17. Bitter kola extracts helps increase sperm count

18. It helps promote testicular weight

19. It helps boost libido and erection.

20. It helps improve the function of the lungs

21. It helps relief diarrhea or stomach upset

22. It aids weight loss management

23. It helps combat nausea and vomiting during early stages of pregnancy.

24. It helps makes the uterus healthier

25. It helps supply strength to the expecting mother

26. It is used in the treatment of bacteria infections



• It you are an ulcer patient do not eat bitter kola

Effects of bitter kola on sperm count

•it is true that bitter cola improves libido and erection. However, avoid eating too much of bitter kola in a day or using it for long period of time as a study also observed that high consumption of bitter kola in can reduce sperm count, sperm motility and sperm quality. That is to say, contrary to widespread beliefs, bitter kola DOES NOT increase sperm count or boost sperm production, rather it decreases sperm count and can cause male infertility. A study conducted in by RESEARCHGATE discovered that bitter cola cause infertility in wristar rats. Scientists believe that bitter kola may cause watery sperm.

•Also the prolonged use of bitter kola treatment may negatively affect sexual behavior
And that’s bitter kola for us,and hope we’ve seen bitter does not only cure cough and sore throat.


Bitter kola for sure is used by many men I have interviewed to last longer in bed because they believe it actually improves their erection and libido…. testimonies abound. However, bitter kola is not really good for boosting sperm count, motility and quality… Bitter kola actually decreases sperm productin. It may be a source of infertility in men. Bitter kola has not been found to reduce sexual activity or fertility in women.

Becca (talked about health benefits)

Dr Udomoh


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