25 Health benefits of Lapalapa leaf (Seed) & Ewe botuje, Side effects of lapalapa leaves, seeds and ewe botuje.

What are the Health benefits of Ewe lapalapa pupa?

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25 Health benefits of Lapalapa leaf (Seed) & Ewe botuje
What are the benefits of lapalapa leaves and seeds? 👇

Today I bring to you this herb called
JATROPHA Leaves, LapaLapa leaf, Ewe botuje.

Ewe botuje in English: Jatropha leaves.

What are the uses of lapalapa seed? Read this article please.

Health benefits of lapalapa leaf and Ewe botuje

1. It helps cure skin blisters and scratch

2. It’s sap contains proteins and vitamins which helps rejuvenate and revitalize the skin cell

3. It helps cure rheumatism

4. It is rich in flavonoids, anti-oxide, protein, calcium and phosphorus which are helpful in curing illness.

5. It helps stimulate your digestive system to smooth excretion process.

6. Consuming Jatropha leaves raw will be much better and fast in curing constipation.

7. It helps get rid of skin problems

8. It helps relieve teeth and gum inflammation

9. It helps cure fever without having any side effects

10. It contains vitamins and oxygen which aid the circulation of blood around the penis…it promotes erections and enhances libido.

11. It helps maintain vaginal health

12. It is good for vaginal discharge therapy

13. It helps cure bad breath keeping the mouth fresh

14. It is a natural pain reliever

15. It helps prevent muscle paralysis of the face

16. It helps aid baby delivering process for mothers (not scientifically proven)

17. It helps maintain the femal genital health

18. It helps prevent cervical cancer

19. It helps in the treatment of ear infection

20. It helps treat ulcer

21. Promotes the health of the uterus (womb)

22. As the name implies, lapalapa leaf is used in the treatment of lapalapa – a skin infection called eczema in English. Some other people called lapalapa ringworm. It is also used locally in the treatment of dandruff.

23. Ewe botuje is a very good laxative. It treats constipation.

23. It is anticancer

24. Lapalapa seed is antiviral

25. Lapalapa leaves are anti -inflammatory..

26. Lapalapa seed for family planning: Some persons of old were believed to have used lapalapa leaves for as contraceptive , family planning and for abortion.. It is however not reliable at all.

Side effects of lapalapa leaves and Seed

The side effects of lapalapa leaves or ewe botuje are minimal if consumed with moderation. Common side-effects of lapalapa leaves or seeds are nausea, vomiting, itching, allergies, abdominal pains. If you have kidney or liver disease, do not consume lapalapa leaves or jatropha plant. Lapalapa leaf has not been shown to be safe in pregnancy, lapalapa seed can cause miscarriage and pregnancy loss…. So do not consume it during pregnancy.

If you see this lapalapa leaves after today I am sure you know about it now and you can put it to use.

Remember to Keep Fit, Stay Healthy and Stay Safe



  1. I have something like lapa lapa on my head, I don’t know where to get this leaf, and if eventually I get it how do I apply it on my head, will I rub it on the infected part or I will consume it, pls explain.

  2. Hi. Please I have already use lapalapa seed for family planning. Someone introduce it to me. I think it would not affect me negatively. Please help me


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