How to migrate to the UK as a Nurse from Nigeria?

Do you want to know steps on how to become the UK from Nigeria? Read this educative thread by a Nigerian trained Nurse practicing in the United Kingdom.


This is about the 3rd time I’m doing this! For the sake of all the New Nurses following me and interested in becoming a UKRN/others asking for friends. It’s difficult replying all my DMs so please bookmark this and share with them.

How to migrate to the UK as a Nurse from Nigeria?
A viral picture of a Nigerian trained Nurse now practicing nursing in the UK… Read on she did it… πŸ‘‡

If you don’t have an international passport, then make that your first step, you need one to apply for your IELTS/OET

However, while working on that start preparing for your IELTS/OET

IELTS Required score by NMC – L- 7, R-7 S-7, W-6.5 overall band 7,

OET ; NMC requirement;
*B in Listening, Reading and Speaking and a C+ in Writing

Register with NMC Uk ,
Once you meet their requirements. You will be issued an ATT ( it’s an approval to take your Test of competence I) ( Visit NMC UK site given above.

access the Overseas Nurses application checklist)
Then apply for CBT, NMC gives you a range of centre within your vicinity to pick from…
whilst waiting on that;

Start job search;
Apply to UK recruitment agencies (free of charges) eg,NSS,Oversea Nurses ,MSI,MMA etc

Pass and get an offer. Agencies will see you through the rest/ if directly your hospital HR will always put you through the application for Visa and all. (Or visit

Way to UK within 6months, *all things being equal*

Note; some employers will offer to sponsor your visa, while some won’t. And some will offer a refund when you arrive. Just make sure you read the contract very well and ask questions!

If you have further questions, please ask under this thread… and tag a Nurse who needs this.

Lastly, there are several pathways to becoming a UKRN. But this is the best pathway.

I hope I was able to cover all questions.

All the best!


**********And One Other thing********

If you have attempted IELTS more than 2x you should consider taking OET! The reason why we have a lot of INDIANS and PHILIPPINE nurses here in the UK is because most of them take OET instead of IELTS.

Stop letting IELTS stand between you and your UK goal.

What’s OET?

OET is an Occupational English Test. Available to health care professionals

*Occupational therapists
*Speech pathologists

Locate your profession.

OET tests your Healthcare terms/English, including your ability to communicate effectively in medical scenarios, write a referral or discharge letter, understand a patient consultation, or follow a text taken from a medical journal everything related to your profession.

OET uses grade A to E, where A is the best

NMC UK OET requirement;

*B in Listening, Reading and Speaking and a C+ in Writing

Note; if combining two results;
None of the grades should be lower than C+

How much is OET ?

150,000 in naira. A $587

More expensive than IELTS, but very easy to pass. Plus if you have attempted IETLS 2x then you know it’s worth it. Visit their website by clicking on this link.

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