Side Effects & Health Benefits of Aidan Fruit | Aridan| Prekese

Side Effects & Health Benefits of Aidan Fruit  | Aridan | Prekese.

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👉Using Aidan fruit for flat tummy

👉Aidan fruit for weight loss

👉Can Aidan fruit cure infection

👉Aidan fruit and pregnancy

👉Aidan fruit for fibroid

👉Aidan fruit in the Bible

👉Side effects of Aidan fruit/Prekese

👉Health benefits of Prekese

The tetrapleura tetraptera tree is common to West Africa and it produces a rare and unusual spice with exceptional fragrant, sweet and aromatic properties. This spice is called Aidan in ( English) , Aridan in Yoruba dialect, Prekese aka Soup Perfume in (twi in Ghana), Oshoso, Osakirisa, Uhio, Uhiokrihio in (Igbo). Aidan fruit is called uyaya in Efik and the Kalabari’s call it “Apakapakaba”.

Small Assignment: What is the Hausa name for Aidan?

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Grown in few places, mostly Ghana, Nigeria and Isreal. Aridan is used as a spice, a medicine and as a dietary supplement rich in Vitamins.

The Ijaws and Itshekiris of Nigeria particularly use it in preparing traditional soups like pepper soup and palm nut soup. Aridan has a sweetish taste, and quite stringent, its aroma is wonderful and is a culinary delight.

Asides from using it to make soups, it can also be used in desserts and baking.
This spice is an excellent source of calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, tannins, flavonoids, terpenoids, and phytochemicals.

Do you use Aridan in cooking?

Health benefits of Aidan Fruit  | Aridan Fruit | Prekese

1. Can Aidan fruit cure infection?

Well, many persons claim that aridan is very effective for toilet infections in ladies. Many tradomedicals are believed to use apply it in the treatment of sexually transmitted infection.

2. Aridan is used in the management of schistosomiasis and other blood parasites like malaria parasites.

3. Aidan fruit lowers blood sugar. It is used in the treatment of diabetes.

Side Effects & Health Benefits of Aidan Fruit | Aridan| Prekese
Side Effects & Health benefits of Aidan fruit.

4. Before now, especially among people of South eastern Nigeria, they used aidan for the treatment of all forms of asthma and airway hyperactivity.

5. Since Aidan spice has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it is used in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism.

6. Aidan fruit for fibroid

Without proof and from oral traditions, Aidan fruit is believed to shrink uterine fibroids by the Yorubas.

7. Tetrapleura tetraptera reduces episodes of epilepsy and convulsions. Add it to the food of epileptics, it stabilizes the central nervous system.

8.. Treatment of Leprosy:

Leprosy is an insidious but infectious disease that affects the nerves, skin, arms, and legs. It can cause microamputation . extract is used to treat leprosy in many local communities.

9. Extracts of aridan fruits, barks, leaves and roots lowers blood pressure

10. Precede boosts immune system since it contains key elements and vitamins like Zinc, Iron, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium etc.

11. Prekese or Aridan fruit has anti-aging Properties and prevents wrinkling of the Skin:

Those who wish to continue to look young, especially women, most make Aidan fruits their close pal, and use it to spice up their foods each time they are cooking. The pod contains Polyphenols, Flavonoids, Tannins and Alkaloids which are antioxidants that protect our body from the injurious free oxygen radicals and oxidative damages responsible for aging.

12.. Post-partum recovery and prevention of bleeding after delivery

The greatest health benefit of Aidan plant is the quick recovery of newly delivered mothers. Aidan fruits are used to prepare soups and yam porridge for women immediately they put to bed to enhance post delivery uterine contractions, expulsion of retained placenta and products of conception. This wonderful property of aridan spice or fruit helps to prevent post delivery bleeding.

13. Aidan fruit for weight loss. Can aid fruit be used to achieve flat tummy?

Aidan fruit contains chemicals that promote early satiety and encourage fat reduction in the body. Aidan fruit helps to burn off excess body fats and promote weight loss or weight reduction. Also, Aidan fruit helps remove excess fat from the tummy and makes your tummy flat.

14. Aidan and fertility

Aidan mixed with garlic has been shown to improve libido for bothen and women. It also enhances male erections and sexual performance. For women, Aidan help boosts ovulation and regulates the menstrual cycle.

Side Effects of Aidan fruits

1. Aidan fruit and pregnancy

Aidan fruit is not safe in pregnancy. Aridan fruit should not be eaten by pregnant women because it can can preterm uterine contractions and miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Just like uda, and alligator pepper, Aidan spice has been used from time immemorial by our foremothers for abortion because of its abortificient property. So, if you are pregnant or trying to conceive, do not eat aridan fruit or use the spice to cook, it can cause miscarriage.

2. Other side effects of Aridan fruits are: nausea, vomiting, worsens stomach ulcers and ulcer pains. If you have stomach ulcer, do not eat Aidan spice.

3. Excessive consumption of Aidan fruit may cause kidney and/or liver damage. Take Aidan in small dosages.

Aidan fruit in the Bible?

Bible believers are of the opinion that Aidan was mentioned in the Bible, a revered book in the Christian segment of the Abrahamic religions. Aidan was mentioned in the book of exodus and because of this, many Christians believe Aidan brings good luck and drives away Ill-luck

PS: Aidan is not only added to food, I have seen people take Aidan as tea. There is packaged Aidan tea and is in the market.


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