List of Vitamin B12 drugs and Supplements in Nigeria.

Vitamin B12 or cyanocobalamin is an essential Vitamin for the body. The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for a healthy adult is 2.4 micrograms (pregnant and breast feeding women need more). The typical Western diet is estimated to contain 5-7 micrograms of B12, and a good quality multivitamin will have between 12 and 25 micrograms.

The key functions of Vitamin B12 are to help support healthy blood cells and a healthy nervous system in the body. It also helps to make DNA. It has many health benefits including boosting energy levels and improving mood.

The moment we eat food containing B12 it is processed by the acids and enzymes in our stomachs and intestine. It’s absorbed through the small intestine, and any excess can be stored by the body, particularly the liver.

List of Vitamin B12 drugs and Supplements in Nigeria
Full List of Vitamin B12 Drugs and Supplements in Nigeria

It’s estimated that 20% of people over age 50 have a B12 deficiency. This can happen for several reasons. Most commonly, our stomach acid levels decline as we age due to weakening of the stomach lining and this interferes with the processing of B12, and so our bodies cannot absorb it through the digestive tract.

Medications like Metformin also interfere with absorption, and surgery to remove parts of the stomach and intestine will also cause problems.
The symptoms of B12 deficiency can include fatigue and shortness of breath due to anaemia, neuropathy (tingling, burning, poor balance and walking difficulties), and cognitive impairment (memory loss, irritability, dementia-like symptoms). These sort of signs are often just put down to ‘old age’ and people don’t realise that there is something pathological happening which may need addressing.

Supplements are variable in their quality. A lot of tablets have bulking agents added, and even a good quality tablet form tends to have less than 20% absorption. Liposomal supplements use a different delivery system which can have a 20x greater absorption than ordinary supplements.

B12 injections are a great option for people who have problems with absorption, as it bypasses the digestive system completely.

List of Vitamin B12 drugs and Supplements in Nigeria/Multivitamin supplements in Nigeria

1. Cyanocobalamin (Brand names: Vitamin B12, Nascobal)

2. hydroxocobalamin systemic

3. Cyanokit

4. Vitamin B complex contains Vitamin B12 mad other vitamins

5. Most over the counter multivitamins contains cyanocobalamin

6. Eldervit-12 injection

7. Rezfol

8. Mecobalamin injection

9. Orefer B12 tablets

10. Ecofer Sf: contains iron l, folic acid and vitamin B12

11. Nucob Plus

12. Becefol

13. Astracal Plus

14. Neurobion Forte

15. Neurovite syrup and tablets

16. Dr Meyer’s Folique + B12

17. Pregnacare

18. Bell Vitamin B12

19. Phamarton

20. Nature’s field vitamin B complex

21. Nature’s Bounty B12

22. Evergreen folic acid and vitamin B12 supplements.

23. Forever vitamin B12 plus

24. De-deon’s syrup

25. Spring Valley Vitamin B12 Supplement

26. Vamiron blood tonic

27. Hallelujah Diet B12 B6 & FOLATE

28. B12 from Vitabiotics

29. Nature’s Field PregMum

30. Ovacare Tablets For Women Conception


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