Original VS Fake Postinor: How To identify fake Postinor 2 in Nigeria. How to spot fake Postinor 2, Fake Postinor 2 side effects.

Are you aware that fake and adulterated Postinor is now in the Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya and even African Markets? How do you differentiate and identify between a fake Postinor and original Postinor?


⚫The ORIGINAL POSTINOR 2 secondary pack has 9 Shiny Golden ridges emanating from top right corner of the box, which can be felt with touch.

🔴 The COUNTERFEIT POSTINOR 2 has Dull Golden ridges which cannot be felt with touch.
Taking a fake pill can cause unnecessary bleeding, breast cancer, liver diseases, delay in the next menstrual period and vomiting.
Stay Alert and Stay Alive!

This is a message from Society for Family Health, the major distributors of Postinor 1 and Postinor 2.

In their own words:

“Very Important Information

SFH has stopped producing Postinor 2 in white pack.❗❗❗

Our current pack for Postinor 2 is green with gold stripes. We have observed that fake Postinor 2 in white packs are still in circulation. Kindly be informed that they are not from Society for Family Health and if consumed, is dangerous to your health.The authenticity can also be confirmed using the scratch panel, by sending the shortcode for free to 1393. If you know any pharmacy or outlet still selling the white pack. Ensure the postinor you are buying have a certified NAFDAC number”

How To identify fake Postinor 2 in Nigeria
How To identify fake Postinor 2 in Nigeria

Postinor 2 is a brand of emergency contraceptive pill containing 0.75mg levonorgestrel. It is used as an emergency contraceptive agent after unplanned sex. Postinor 2 is originally manufactured by Gedeon Richter PLC in Budapest, Hungary.

The dangers and sides effects of using fake postinor 2 includes cancer, unwanted pregnancy, adverse drug reaction, drug poisoning, waste of money, bloating , abdominal pains, menstrual disorders, possible infertility, vaginal bleeding, stomach ulceration, injury to body organs and many more.

BAWARE OF COUNTERFEIT POSTINOR! Report any case of fake Postinor and the pharmacy selling it to the appropriate authorities such as NAFDAC or the Federal Ministry of Health.


Society for Family Health

Federal Ministry of Health

Dr Udomoh

Image Credit: SFH


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